Most internet users are familiar with internet errors such as 404 Not Found and 403 Forbidden. However, there’s a new internet status code that is being proposed by Tim Bray, a developer advocate – for sites that are blocked for ‘legal reasons’.

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Bray, who has experience in developing key Internet standards, says, “I’ve been told by the chair of the IETF HTTP Working Group that he’ll give the proposal some agenda time at the next IETF meeting. It’s not a big proposal; shouldn’t take long.”

However, the recognition for the need of a new code first started when Terence Eden tried to access The Pirate Bay to no avail. When the site’s server denied his request, Eden then expressed the need for a new “HTTP code for censorship”, which not only caught on sparking discussions on Slashdot and Hacker News – until the time when Bray agreed to turn the ‘idea’ into reality.

With the code (451) taken aptly from Ray Bradbury’s novel, Farenheit 451, which deals with censorship, the proposal for the error code if approved, will not only furnish the details on the restriction but also mention which legal authority is imposing the restriction as well.

Bray also thinks that once official consensus is reached, there would little or no work on the engineering side in order for servers to provide “explanatory text with a 451”. In the end, of course, this effort is to ensure that when censorship does happen, it takes place out in the open and thus, provides pertinent information for users everywhere.

A question that has been asked about Twitter over the years is whether it is a technology or media company. The answer, in not being so simple, is simply a variation of both – according to Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter.


He explains further, in saying, “I think of us as a technology company because I think the future of the company is in building on an extensible platform that allows third-party developers and companies to add value to Twitter in a way that is accretive to Twitter and is accretive to our users. I don’t need to be or want to be in the content business.”

To support his statement, he also mentioned that is not in the content business because instead of having reporters or a newsroom, almost half of Twitter’s employees [1300 in number] are engineers who are working on building the technology around which Twitter runs on while also continuously creating new features for its users.

In fact, he also wishes to encourage companies and developers to build products and tools inside the Twitter platform – instead of creating external Twitter apps.

Speaking of new features, Twitter as a whole, is also evolving into something different by experimenting with media-like products some of which NASCAR and Olympics-branded pages. Twitter currently also has employees that help V.I.Ts such as athletes, media outlets, politicians and celebrities to use its features well. Thanks to this content available by V.I.Ts, “engagement rates on ads” are also great as opposed to traditional Web ads.

Yet even though Costolo still maintains the fact that Twitter has and always been a communication platform, experts think that these ‘experiments’ being conducted make Twitter more of a media company.

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gigatech2The Google Pixel event is scheduled for the 4th of October and the buzz has been growing about another exciting new feature that is expected to be teased at the event. This project has been referred to by its supposed internal codename Andromeda.

From all the rumors that have been circulating it is expected to be a long-expected announcement of the merger of Google two operating systems: Android and Chrome OS. There is also another movement that involves running Android apps in Chrome OS, this is not that. From what we can tell this involves folding Chrome OS into Android.

The expectation is that this would give Android a phone/tablet mode and a Desktop/Notebook mode. There have been attempts before by Motorola to run a desktop on an Android phone but it is possible that this was too early and the Desktop OS at the time was a Linux variant.

It is also unclear if this will be part of Android or be based on a separate fork of the OS. It would be an interesting move on the part of Google if it were to run its own fork of Android for the purposes of folding Chrome OS into it.

Despite all the uncertainty, the event on the 4th of October looks like it will be setting the stage for Google to seriously enter the hardware business. It will also involve direct competition with Apple and its fellow Android manufacturer Samsung.

gigatech1The smart home and internet of things are the only things anyone can talk about these days. The tech press believes that it is going to be the future when in fact you can already have a fully connected home today. Although it is not a cheap conversion, it is now more affordable than a few years ago and can be started for a few hundred dollars.

The first step is to look at what you want to be able to do. Here are a few use cases that you might want to use:


Smart home devices can also be used for security. The primary devices used here, in addition to a hub would be door and windows sensors, proximity sensors and lights. All doors and windows can have sensors that can trigger alarms. There are even sirens that can be connected and triggered. Proximity sensors can trigger external lights on motion and cameras.


Another use case is night time safety. Proximity sensors in corridors can be set to switch lights on when activated at night. The same goes for a trip the toilet at night, open the door and the lights will come automatically. These same sensors can also switch the lights off after a period of inactivity.

Future Home

The final and most attractive use case is for a fully connected future home experience. The lights come on when you are close by. The air conditioning comes on at specific temperatures close to when you will enter the house. Too cold? The heater comes and keeps the house at a nice toasty temperature. This and so much more is possible with today’s technology.


mobile-app-for-your-businessIf you need a new method that will help you take your business to the next level, then you might be wondering where to turn. Although you will find many ways to grow your business, overlooking the benefits of creating a mobile app would be a mistake. More people than ever before own smartphones, so having an app is a great way to grab their attention, and iPhone app developers Los Angeles can help.


Branding is an important part of the marketing process for all businesses, but gaining exposure is not always easy. The good news is that you can use an Android app development service to create a mobile application that has the logo of your business. Although people might not use your app every day, they will still see your logo, and that will help you establish your brand.


Keeping your customers engaged is vital if you want to improve the success of your business, and using a company that provides mobile application development Los Angeles will work wonders. Create an app that has a push notification feature, and you can instantly communicate with your audience whenever you want.

Special Offers

Offering your customers discounts is one of the best ways to encourage them to remain loyal to your company. When you have a mobile app, you can send discount codes and offer people deals for birthdays and other special events. To increase your response rate, always include a deadline for each offer, which will create a sense of urgency.

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circuit-board2E-beam technology has advanced significantly throughout the years.

Written by: Denton Vacuum, LLC

If you are new to e-beam technology, this article will help provide you with all the information that you need to understand everything that you need to know about e-beam evaporation, application, and methodologies.

About E-Beams

Ebeam evaporation is a process that is similar to thermal evaporation because of its heating capabilities. In thermal evaporation, the source material is heated above its boiling or sublimation temperature and is evaporated to form a thin film on the surface that is scattered with evaporated atoms. This method is also similar in that its’ pore ability covers steps, making it ideal for lift-off processes. Another noticeable advantage of this is that is can add a large amount of energy into the source material. This will yield a higher density film with an increased adhesion to the substrate. Now, because the electron beam can only heat the source material and not the entire crucible, a lower degree of contamination from the crucible will be present. This is highly advantageous for ebeam users at the substrate will have a higher quality output.

Now, because PVD thermal evaporation and ebeam evaporation are so similar, many people can not differentiate the quality output from either one, resulting in a roll of the dice. But, it’s important that you remember that although they are similar in styles, they are also ideal for different processes. For example, e-beam evaporation works best when working within the circuitry and wafering industry.

gigatech2Phishing is a targeted method of infecting someone with malware or a trojan. This type of attack is getting more and more frequent. Especially for business users who deal with financial information. Another type of malware spreading fast is ransomware. When you get infected, the entire computer or your key data directories are all encrypted. The only way to get your data back is to pay a ransom to an anonymous hacker. While some of these attacks can be difficult to avoid, the most basic versions can be mitigated by a set of best practices:

Avoid Links

The most common way to spread malware of any sort is a link. The user needs to click the link and will then be taken to a page which loads the malware onto the phone or computer.

Admin Access

Too many end users give themselves admin access to install applications. The best practice here is to give a separate account admin rights and then use that account when you need to install an application of make system level changes. The windows UAC is helpful in this regard but is also too often switched off.


It is a good practice to also have a virus scanner like Windows Defender running and updated. Protect yourself from malware that we know about.

OS Updates

Always keep the computer up to date. Whenever updates are available, install them. A lot of flaws are detected and fixed and by keeping your computer updated, a lot of the readily available tools online will be negated.