Many traditional companies operating commercial vehicles around the nation have often relied upon traditional tracking methods for monitoring their fleet’s movements, analyzing reports from drivers and customers alike to help improve their business operations. While this has proven to be generally effective in the past it nevertheless leaves an important gap in the overall information flow between whenever a vehicle may leave its dock and return later on- a gap that can easily be closed by using a modern vehicle tracking system.

Allowing business administrators to actively track and analyze movements in real time, modern tracking systems using GPS locators can interact with company computers on a regular basis to allow decision makers to see every movement a commercial vehicle may make. This information can, and has, proven invaluable in both reducing overall company costs while improving service for thousands of users around the world.

While vehicle tracking has traditionally been seen by many as an expensive and potentially unnecessary addition to their operations the development in technology over the years now allows for a GPS tracking device to both be installed and integrated into an internal reporting system at a fraction of the price they once cost. Better still, providers such as allow for multiple possible solutions for commercial tracking to help ensure a wide range of coverage is available to meet a client’s specific needs (and budget) without needing to require extensive investments. This can allow many organizations, both large and small, to take full advantage of tracking and start improving their business operations right away.

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With Kodak on the verge of bankruptcy, almost 1100 of its patents are up for sale for about 500+ million. However, this has brought together two bitter enemies, Google and Apple, who have teamed up to buy these patents. This might come as a surprise considering the ‘patent war’ that has made the news recently. However, it seems as if with this move, Tim Cook is more than happy to put Apple’s affinity for litigation behind them.

What both these companies also share in common is that they aren’t particularly too fond of the current patent system, which according to both CEOs, is bad for innovation. Apart from this, analysts also believe that by teaming up, they’re actually making a smart business decision, as both companies have spent plenty of money in court and have also been quietly bidding for Kodak’s patents on their own. However, this partnership does a lot to save costs as in teaming up together, Kodak won’t be tempted to up the bid by pitting these companies against each other. While this might be a shrewd choice, it will also help Kodak to pay off its debt, after being in business for almost 132 years.

Experts believe that this combined approach by both Google and Apple seem to be a much better one as opposed to the preposterous amount, $4.5 billion in all, paid by almost every tech giant for the Nortel patent while Google alone spent almost $12.4 billion for Motorola Mobility and its 20,000 patents. And even though both companies can easily come up with $500 million in the next four months, and rescue Kodak, it’s rather unfortunate to see the latter close its doors.

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With the year of 2012 drawing to a close, Facebook has posted the “Year in Review on 2012” for its viewers to take a walk down memory lane looking at past events, videos, songs, movies and locations that they liked. In addition, Facebook also reviewed the top trends in terms of popular public figures, top events and most listened to songs among others, compiled at


It should come as no surprise that the Presidential Elections, Barack Obama, the internet meme Tbh to be honest), The Hunger Games and the Avengers were indeed the most important people, memes and events of the year. When it comes to technology, Instagram was on top while the most listened-to song was ‘We are Young (feat Janella Monae) by Fun. If you haven’t viewed your own year in review, then you can go to in order to do so to see the top 20 moments of your year. It’s good to know that you might not know how Facebook comes up with these moments though.
Of course, if you want others to know what your top 20 moments were, you can Share it with your friends and family, by using the Share button.

When asked why this feature was enabled for users, Facebook revealed that it wanted to give people an interactive experience to look back at 2012 – a reminder of times forgotten in the past year which could create a sense of nostalgia. Prior to Facebook’s release, Twitter also did a personalized ‘Year in Review’ or its users.

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It’s unanimous that Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Google dominate the online world yet according to panelists at the Techonomy Conference, Apple and Facebook are particularly vulnerable.

One of the panelists, known as Alec Ellison, the chairman of technology investment banking at Jefferies & Company, has criticized Apple, in saying that the company must continue to come up with cool new products if it wants to remain in the lead. Alternatively, the other three namely Facebook, Amazon and Google won’t lose much ground even if they don’t come up with innovative products.

He also said that the Apple Store, which is a key advantage now, might work against them in the near future and likened it to the example of IBM stores that only became a “big drain” when product momentum slowed down. Citing these reasons, he also went as far as to say that Apple has the least “stickiness” with customer compared to the other three.

As for Facebook, Mark Mahaney, a former analyst at Citi, Mark Zuckerberg remains a big question mark as he has only spent time with Techonomy’s David Kirkpatrick but very little with anyone else. Hence, the question mark as it doesn’t reveal how good executives really are for the next 5 to 10 years.

He also said that Facebook’s margins are very high and they should switch to ‘investment mode’ as soon as possible. Also, one area that Facebook hasn’t invested sufficiently enough has been mobile where, due to HTML5, their mobile apps have significant technical issues while it took them far too long to come out with an iPad app.

Also, the analyst, Mahaney also said that in the next few years another big online player will emerge, thanks to using a technology that isn’t economic yet.

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