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It’s unanimous that Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Google dominate the online world yet according to panelists at the Techonomy Conference, Apple and Facebook are particularly vulnerable.

One of the panelists, known as Alec Ellison, the chairman of technology investment banking at Jefferies & Company, has criticized Apple, in saying that the company must continue to come up with cool new products if it wants to remain in the lead. Alternatively, the other three namely Facebook, Amazon and Google won’t lose much ground even if they don’t come up with innovative products.

He also said that the Apple Store, which is a key advantage now, might work against them in the near future and likened it to the example of IBM stores that only became a “big drain” when product momentum slowed down. Citing these reasons, he also went as far as to say that Apple has the least “stickiness” with customer compared to the other three.

As for Facebook, Mark Mahaney, a former analyst at Citi, Mark Zuckerberg remains a big question mark as he has only spent time with Techonomy’s David Kirkpatrick but very little with anyone else. Hence, the question mark as it doesn’t reveal how good executives really are for the next 5 to 10 years.

He also said that Facebook’s margins are very high and they should switch to ‘investment mode’ as soon as possible. Also, one area that Facebook hasn’t invested sufficiently enough has been mobile where, due to HTML5, their mobile apps have significant technical issues while it took them far too long to come out with an iPad app.

Also, the analyst, Mahaney also said that in the next few years another big online player will emerge, thanks to using a technology that isn’t economic yet.

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Google strikes a new deal with European music publishing entities which now gives it access to 5.5 million tracks in 35 countries, and which includes artists such as Rihanna and Lady Gaga.

Considered to be one of the largest alliances of music publishers, Armonia will help Google to expand its music offerings in Europe will mean competition for both Amazon and Apple. In fact, the terms of this deal are exactly “in line with industry standards involving Google rivals like Amazon and Apple’s iTunes”.

Catherine Kerr-Vignale, SACEM representative, also considers this deal to be much broader than Apple and Amazon’s country-by-country licensing agreements, and which really boils down to more of its users being able to access more content in more places than before – 35 more countries to be precise.

Until now, Google Play has only had US-only content, and was not able to compete in countries where it lags behind competitors such as Apple and Amazon. With this type of deal, not only can it gain an upper hand on the competition but also offer more international content for its Google Play users.

Another reason why this deal can turn out to advantageous for Google is because it will not only compete with Apple but will prevent Amazon from using Android as their content delivery system for their own marketplace.

What this deal will also do is address the complaints made by international reviewers about the lack of content that the Nexus 7 is unable to offer its consumer outside the United States. This deal between Google and Armonia also offers content from the UK and American parts of the Universal Music Publishing library as well as Sony’s Latin Catalog.

Digital production studios are a dime a dozen. Which is why we were so excited when engage: BDR launched one because we knew it would be a cut above the rest. Engage: BDR is a leading integrated-media advertising company located in West Hollywood, CA that offers everything from a full-service ad agency to a real-time bidding display platform. But what we are most excited about is the firm’s cutting-edge digital production studio called Entegrate!, a studio with the ability to help advertisers reach a global audience with custom online programming.

When it comes to developing original online programming, Entegrate! has you covered. The production studio has the tools and resources to not only create unique online programming, but also distribute it across the engage: BDR display network. This means that your online programming can be featured on premium sites. The team at Entegrate! accomplish this goal through multiple partnerships with major production companies, including Dick Clark Productions, Schizo Pictures, Jamie Kennedy Entertainment, Energy Entertainment, and XIX Entertainment.

If you want to know its reach, here are the figures: Entegrate can deliver custom programming to nearly 109 million consumers. This broad reach does wonders for your business, pushing engagements and enhancing brand awareness.

If you’re interested about content, Entegrate produces the best. The talented team behind the company creates and produces unique video programming combining cutting-edge entertainment and marketing solutions that reel in users.

About engage: BDR: Launched by co-founders Ted Dhanik and Kurtis Rintala, engage: BDR has been making headlines in the online media industry since its inception in 2007. A full service ad network, engage: BDR is well known for providing advanced marketing solutions and cutting-edge products, including the industry’s first RTB self-serve display platform developed for direct response advertisers.

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