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No matter how successful your business is, if it relies on transporting products as part of its business plan, that’s a big chunk of overhead you need to think about. Wouldn’t it be nice if there’s something you could to take that amount down a bit? If you’re not using shipping containers, then there’s absolutely something to be done that could reduce your overhead ASAP.

For some companies, it makes a lot of sense to buy shipping containers. Do the math and, if you can afford it, this makes a lot of sense. These containers can last for decades without issue. Plus, if you have extra space, rent it out to other companies and your new purchase can actually bring in equity for your business.

For those companies that wouldn’t be able to afford it, consider container rental. This is a great way to save money, yet get superior transportation that can go from road to water without issue. However, remember that renting your space out is an option. The more space you have left over, the more room you have to rent. This could be a way of paying off the purchase you’d otherwise be unable to afford.


There are countless reasons it makes sense to look for shipping containers, but you may be surprised by how many options there are in terms of the containers themselves and the companies selling them. That’s why so many people out there trust Port Containers to make sure they get exactly what they need.

With Apple planning to use synthetic sapphire in their next generation models that are said to cost more, the reason for a hike in prices is because of something else.

Experts think that this is hardly likely as the reason for an increase in price would be because of larger screens in upcoming models.

In other words, the new model will be a 5.5” iPhone might be a little more expensive but this will not affect the price for a current model that is 4.7” in screen size. That said, even Apple much-touted smartwatch will not be pricier than competing models that are currently in the market.

All this seems more possible than ever even though most people did not consider it to be so. A number of Apple watchers but certain analysts like Eric Virey have expressed their doubts that Gorilla Glass will be replaced by sapphire as the main materials for their screens.

In fact, the latter has gone on to say that the costs involved in using sapphire screens will be 5 times more than what it currently is right now – $16 vs $3.

Yet it does look like Apple has found a way to curtail costs by partnering with a company called GT Advanced to begin making an ample amount of these materials. The company, in turn, has come up with a wafering process called ‘Hyperion’ that will reduce their costs substantially.

In fact, this process will cut costs to such an extent that it might be drop below the costs involved with using Gorilla Glass for smartphones.

With a preview of Windows 9 due in September or October, it’s becoming clear that the era of Windows 8 is fast coming to an end.

According to Mary Jo Foley, Threshold, which is Windows 9’s codename, will be released in the market by early 2015.

Yet even though it seems as if Windows 8 will be removed from the market, a large part of the change it brought will remain. Experts consider this to be a move that is similar to the Office 2007 situations where they changed everything and released a successful Office 2010.

However, only this time, Microsoft will have to careful to keep what is good about Windows 8 while blending in a series of strong desktop-centric updates while also taking into consideration device form factor.

And while its success is a ‘maybe’, what’s for sure is that people obtaining Windows 9 is not something they’ll have to wait for in the distant future but actually a reality that is only eight to nine weeks away.

As for Windows 8 and 8.1’s performance, they have more than 12 percent of the market share combined. Or, in other words, almost one in eight PCs use either Windows 8 or a variant of this operating system.

Even though Windows 8.1 is far more popular than its predecessor, Windows 8 still runs on 6 percent of PCs in the world.

What will be interesting to note is whether Windows 9 can increase its market share on PCs in the manner Windows 8 has was able to do away with its earlier version.

What also remains to be seen is if people will switch over the Windows 9 from either Windows 7 or 8.

Small businesses must scrimp and scrounge for every dollar they can get until they learn how to scale. That’s what makes small losses so devastating. Everytime HR fails to recognize problems like time clock fraud or internal theft, your business suffers for it. Here are the tell tale signs that something is wrong, so you can step in to curb the behavior.

Time Fraud

Time fraud refers to employees who defraud time clocks with the intention of gaining a profit. The most common example is an employee who shows up for work in the morning, but doesn’t stay. These employees will sometimes use complicated buddy systems to ensure everyone is clocked in and out properly. Biometric time clocks can be used to combat this problem, and are quite effective. These clocks recognize an employee based on his biometric characteristics, like hand prints or facial features. This technology was once expensive and far behind, but today’s clocks are more affordable and can scan up to 60 points on a person’s face.

Inventory Loss

Internal theft can be a huge problem, especially for warehouses, but inventory loss comes in all forms. It might take the form of damaged goods, which show up to the warehouse already broken. Theft from customers is an additional problem to worry about, so tight security is crucial to a business maintaining its stock. You should take detailed numbers of your supplies, and be sure that you diligently check your sales against your available stock to catch losses before they become a problem.

Administrative Errors

Errors with paperwork are some of the most common, and costly, in business. You’ll often find fledgling companies forgetting things like payroll deductions. Late tax payments are another source for revenue loss, especially if the bill is higher than anticipated. It’s best to keep a dedicated accountant on staff who can check things like the employee time clock, payroll taxes and sales numbers to stay abreast of the books.

Final Thoughts

Retail businesses aren’t the only ones who suffer loss from theft. A corporate sales company can still suffer losses in office supplies or man hours. Time clock fraud is a real phenomenon, and you would be remiss to ignore it. Audit your company regularly so that these potential sources for loss do not drastically impact your bottom line.
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Mobile banner advertising has created a host of new concerns for advertisers looking to use this new format. File sizes, screen sizes, and more can all contribute to the design of a mobile landing page. It’s important that you consider screen size, and how your banners will look. Extensive testing will help find the best ad designs for mobile phones.

Feature and Smartphone Sizes

Feature phones are Web enabled, but don’t have the applications that a smartphone has. These phones will display Web pages, for instance, but may not support rich media. A small ad at this size can be 120×20, but sizes go all the way up to the feature phone large banner at 216×36. Smartphones can be a little more liberal with sizes. These ads are usually at least 300 pixels wide, but can go as high as 320. The smartphone static interstitial is one of the widest, measuring at 250 pixels.

Efficiency Tips

It’s recommended that you save your ad image in a format that allows for smaller file sizes. PNG is excellent for this reason. Jpeg at lower resolutions won’t look crisp and can look tacky. GIF images are still the standard for rich media ads, but you should pay close attention to how many frames you add to a file to keep sizes manageable.

Forms and Buttons

Make everything on your display advertising easy to read. The user shouldn’t have to pinch to zoom if you can avoid it, but you should also make buttons prominent and easy to tap.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is a direct marketing guru with years of experience on major Internet brands. Ted Dhanik has sold ads for and Let Ted Dhanik and engage:BDR teach you the power of online banner advertising.