At a recent event on its Redmond campus, Nadella, Microsoft CEO, talked about what his rivals, both Google and Apple do best.

In emphasizing the difference between the three companies, he said, “When I think about what Apple does, what Google does and what Microsoft does, therein lies perhaps the simplest answer to why these three identities are actually pretty distinct. To me Apple’s very, very clear, and, in fact, I think Tim Cook did a great job of even describing that very recently where he said they sell devices and that’s what Apple is all about. And Google is about being, it’s about data or it’s about advertising, it is about serving you ads in a tasteful way, and they’ve done a great job of that business.”

During his term as CEO, Nadella has not only completed the purchase of Nokia but has driven Microsoft towards cloud computing.

At the same time, Apple has registered massive revenues and profit growth due to its focus (and success) on hardware. Without a doubt, certain software choices have also contributed to its success namely the App Store that was put in place when the iPhone was just released.

As for Google, its ability to sell ads is rather clear. However, it’s the company’s search products     that have made its advertising successful. Just its search tool alone, which is clearly dominant, has been the reason its ad incomes have soared over the years.

Yet despite their core strengths being so different, it’s clear that all three companies want to get into cloud computing, which reveals, that this is where the future of computing lies.

One of the most powerful assets available in the world of display advertising is the ability to target consumers. Advertisers can improve their sales pipeline by reducing the amount of disinterested consumers that are targeted by campaigns casting nets that are too wide.

Advertising is slowly moving toward prediction, where ads are served to consumers who are in the market but don’t yet realize it. We’re not there yet, but we have an immense amount of data to work through that can help us target consumer behavior.


Consumer behavior is not easy to categorize. There are no standards that account for every individual’s actions, like we don’t all like apples or oranges. The closest we can get is to categorize consumers by groups, taking what we know about individual desires and using that to reach out to wider arrays of consumers.

When we buy banner advertising space from ad exchanges, we are using search terms to help define consumer interest. We also target by location, and look for consistencies in gender and professional life. We may try to target specific industries, or an entire group of people like “moms in their 30s”.

When you buy from ad exchanges, you are buying from sources that have an audience that matches what you’re targeting. It cannot account for individual behavior, yet, but they have done most of the legwork involved in targeting for you. You need to utilize your own market data to help drive this traffic in the right direction, but buying your traffic from these platforms is an excellent method to target consumers based on the behaviors that define them.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is the co-founder of engage:BDR, and is an active accelerator in the Los Angeles startup scene. Ted Dhanik has more than ten years of experience launching brands with display advertising. Contact Ted Dhanik through engage:BDR.

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Modular data center systems are portable methods of distributing data center facilities and capacity. This form of data center is an alternative to traditional data centers and has the advantage of being transportable. These data centers consist of modules that are specifically engineered and components to be able to offer data center capacity in a small space with power and cooling functions. These modules can also be shipped around the world to customers to be integrated or retrofitted to their existing data center.

Modular data centers can be of two types. The first type is often referred to as a containerized data center or a portable data center where servers, networking equipment and storage are fitted into standard shipping containers. This is then transported to the desired location. Certain containerized data centers usually contain their own cooling systems. The second form of modular data center is made up of prefabricated components in which equipment are fitted in. This form of data center can be quickly built on site and capacity can be added to it when needed. Some of these data centers of built out of sheet metal elements that are formed into data center halls that are linked by a main operating building.

Apart from modular data centers, you could also buy shipping containers to be used as offices or office storage space. Certain companies propose several used or new ISO Containers and storage containers that can be shipped to several locations. These type of offices are easy to set up and energy efficient.

If you are looking to buy shipping containers, Port Containers specializes in the sales and rental or new or used containers for different storage purposes.

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Are you looking for a car rental services for your vacation? Driving in foreign country may look daunting but if you prefer self-guided tours, then renting a car is your best option. Most car rental companies can help by providing not just quality and reliable vehicles, but also all the technology you need to make driving excursions comfortable and worry-free.

Choose the right type of car you’ll need for the day or week during your vacation. If you’re expecting more of beach excursions, a jeep or SUV is a perfect choice for outdoor adventures. However if you’re driving solo and would like something that fits in your budget, a compact or mid-size car will be enough for light driving. When renting a car, here are some of things that you should inspect first before signing a contract.


For beach destinations like Cayman Islands, it will be hot most of the day and there will be times that you’ll just want to stay inside with a working AC. Rental cars Cayman Islands companies like Andy’s Rent-A-Car have vehicles that have powerful AC systems and automatic driving for all the comfort you need on your travels. Test the engine and how the AC responds before you drive away.

GPS devices

If you prefer self-driving, it’s best to get a GPS unit with your car rental. This may cost you additional fees but with this one simple gadget, you can save time and effort from getting lost in a foreign country.

Cell Phone Rental

Some Car rentals Grand Cayman agencies also rent cell phones for their clients. This will ensure that you’ll have constant communication with them in case you run into any problems. Not only that you can use this for personal calls on your vacation, it also helps a lot especially when you’ve lost GPS signal, or when you need to ask for restaurant recommendations from your hotel.

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