It was only a year ago that the world was shocked to hear about a collaboration between IBM and Apple given how different these companies.

Yet after building 32 apps, both these companies seem to be getting what they want. For Apple, they learned more about enterprise and hardware while IBM learned more about software as a result.


In understanding the businesses that IBM wanted to know more about, Tim Cook said, “We knew that we needed to have a partner that deeply understood each of the verticals. That had scale, that had a lot of dirt under their fingernails so to speak from really understanding each of these verticals and we found a kindred spirit in IBM.”

Both sides have clearly benefited from this a lot. IBM, for example, learned more about and introduced the ‘wow’ factor to enterprise software as a result.

At the surface, it might seem as if this partnership is a toxic personal mix. However, it is the differences that have contributed to the success of this partnership.

Jack Gold, a principal at Jack Gold associates, summed up the benefits, in saying, “IBM knows how to talk IT and Apple knows how to talk consumer/line of business.”

Speaking of which, the two companies have created a new generation of enterprise software that looks and feels like consumer apps but that which will link to backend corporate systems.

According to IBM, both these companies have forged a successful partnership having solved a variety of problems that cover 10 industries and 40 job roles.

Dropbox has acquired an enterprise communication services known as Clementine – a development that was posted on the company’s page.

Announcing their move on the company blog, the Clementine team wrote, “We’re now excited to announce the next stage of our journey — we’re joining Dropbox. Our mission and passion for workplace collaboration remains the same. Our stage will grow dramatically as Dropbox builds on our technology to engage with its over 400 million users and 100,000 businesses.”


 As for what they do, it consists of handling internal communication which includes chat services and conference calls. Of course, this type of communication does not require a phone number and is important given that people are connecting work services to personal devices.

What is also clear is that Dropbox is also boosting its enterprise services by launching an entire suite of products that are helping businesses collaborate on documents and the like. The company has recently announced that more than 100,000 companies have been using its software too.

Apart from that, it has also announced that the company now has more than 400 million registered users apart from redesigning its Android application. Also, it has recently launched a tool that helps users request files from those who are not using Dropbox.

As a result of this acquisition, Clementine will be closing down its services soon. The company found its humble beginnings in 2014.

The free part of the Clementine app will remain active for their current base of customers until the end of August, 2015.

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There are plenty of reason for using employee time clocks. They are a mainstay of corporations and big businesses, true. This is for obvious reasons. A larger business simply accrues more waste and inefficiency as a fact of life. Time machines can cut down on this significantly by ensuring that employees are motivated to remain focused on strictly business related tasks. Not only will time machines provide businesses with ways to be certain that an employee is only taking a half-hour for lunch, but more advanced systems can even track how time is spent while at the work station. This way, you can be sure that people aren’t sitting at their desks and only pretending to work while they’re actually fixated on their cell phones or chatting instead of working. These systems can show intricate breakdowns of how time is spent on the computer, including time spent in specific applications or for how long the computer is active versus how much it sits there without being touched.

Obviously, this can help you cut down on your lazy staff members, but it can also provide you with detailed data to give you complete domination over the workplace. For example, a certain amount of flex time is recommended for workplaces because when people are treated like animals and are worked constantly without breaks, they actually grow more and more inefficient regardless of how closely they’re watched. This is a psychological response: the more unhappier an employee is, the more their workplace quality slips without them even realizing it. And then there are the people who become so discontent with their jobs that they actually start taking steps to sabotage their employers. So a good biometric time clock will let you measure how hard you work your staff right up to that line where you can ensure maximum productivity while steering clear of burnout.

Furthermore, time management systems provide invaluable metrics that businesses can use to see where they are falling short and remaining inefficient. Then, they can investigate these areas and make improvements to their ineffective areas and significantly improve their return on investment. Even for a massive corporation with impressive numbers and a dominating market presence, improving efficiency always brings inarguable results.

Digital security is an ever-growing concern, and time clocks are just as susceptible to this. Fortunately, technology has progressed to the point where fingerprint time clocks can be used to provide extra protection against hackers or anyone who might try and deceive the system.

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There are different types of air conditioners available. You can select one based on your needs. Below are the main types of air conditioners:

A portable a/c must be stationed near a window or other opening from where it can release hot air while drawing in cooler air. They can also be placed near a wall hole created for the purpose. One advantage is that you can also look at a rental portable air conditioner. You can also get a portable dehumidifier.


Window air conditioners sit on top of a window frame with their exhaust systems oriented toward the outside. They have an air return system that releases cool air into the room. This is useful if you want to be able to put an a/c in without breaking any walls or making any holes.

Through the wall air conditioners are just like Window air conditioners except that they are fitted through a wall instead of through a window. This requires professional installation and involves making a large rectangular hole in the wall.

Ductless mini split systems offer a more quiet and efficient air conditioning solution. The condenser unit is outside and the small blower unit is installed inside. This also requires installation. A small hole is required in the wall for the pipe to the outdoor unit.

There is another type called Package Terminal Air Conditioners that are made for heavy duty commercial work and are not something that you would use at home.

MovinCool specializes in AC units for various indoor and outdoor cooling needs including portable a/c and data center cooling.