gigatech2There are several options when it comes to home video players. There is the Apple TV, Fire TV, Fire Stick, Roku, XBox360 etc. Currently one of the most popular is Google’s Chromecast stick. It was the first such device in the category and is probably the most popular. The Fire TV Stick and Roku stick were both launched after. It is popular market that looks to be growing. Here are some of the benefits of using a Chromecast:

Direct Streaming

One the biggest benefits is that once a video is cast, the device streams it directly from the source. For example, if you select a YouTube video on your smartphone and cast it to the Chromecast, it then takes over and streams the video clip directly. Bypassing your phone entirely and freeing up your phone.


It is the cheapest streaming video device in the market while providing the feature set required by the majority of users. There have also been several deals that made the Chromecast extremely cheap or free. One of the first gave a three months Netflix subscription for free with each Chromecast. Recent deals have seen buy 1 get 1 free or as much as 50% off. Even users who purchased it at no discount received free movies and subscriptions from Google long after.


It is also the simplest device to use. Download the app and set it up. Once you have done so, any app that has Chromecast support will show a cast icon when it is on the same network. You can then send the output directly to the TV just by clicking it and selecting the Chromecast.

gigatech1In what is a milestone for both Google and the field of Artificial Intelligence, AlphaGo, a program developed by Google AI unit Deepmind has defeated the legendary Go player Lee-Se-dol. This is only the first of five matches in this historic series held in South Korea. AlphaGo has beaten human players before, however this is the first time a 9-dan professional Go player has taken on a computer.

“I was very surprised,” said Lee after the match. “I didn’t expect to lose. [But] I didn’t think AlphaGo would play the game in such a perfect manner.” DeepMind founder Demis Hassabis expressed “huge respect for Lee Se-dol and his amazing skills,” calling the game “hugely exciting” and “very tense.” Team lead David Silver said it was an “amazing game of Go that really pushed AlphaGo to its limits.”

Go is an ancient chinese board game and is considered one of the greatest challenges for an AI. Go requires a high level of intuition and evaluation which has caused problems for AI before. AlphaGo used a series of deep neural networks and machine learning.

“I don’t regret accepting this challenge,” said Lee. “I am in shock, I admit that, but what’s done is done. I enjoyed this game and look forward to the next. I think I failed on the opening layout so if I do a better job on the opening aspect I think I will be able to increase my probability of winning.”

With this first of four matches going to the AI, it remains to be seen if a better opening can result in a win for Lee.

RNA synthesis shares a common origin with two ancient cells.

To understand the process of RNA synthesis and splicing, there must be an introduction on the major factors that play a large role in the entire process.

The process of RNA synthesis, or otherwise known as transcription, is a process that involves transcribing DNA sequence information into RNA information. One of the enzymes that play a significant role is known as the RNA polymerase – which essentially catalyzes the RNA synthesis process.

Biochemistry of RNA

Similar to the forms of prokaryotes and eukaryotes in terms of regulation, RNA synthesis share the same overall structure. Although there are substantial differences when it comes to polypeptides, it shares a common evolutionary origin, which is quite peculiar in that the complex regulation of the RNA synthesis looks to be derived from both prokaryotes and eukaryotes.

Additionally, the oligonucleotide plays a role within the RNA synthesis process as well for medical and research purposes. A modified oligo that undergoes RNA synthesis can be used to treat viruses that have threatened society through its dangerous replicating abilities.

RNA Splicing

The genomes of the human body are affected by RNA splicing. Consider this, 15% of genetics diseases are caused by various mutations that affect the overall splicing of RNA. Additionally, these same RNA units can be spliced in a different manner in a variety of localized cell types, and even at random stages of development as well. It’s important to note this because it proves that one gene can encode more than one certain type of mRNA and protein, which will provide researchers more information on the expansion of the human genome system.

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At the center of every ecommerce website, is an internet shopping cart. Without a shopping cart ecommerce and online retail would not exist today. A place where the collection of items the user has marked to purchase are set aside. It is usually found at the top corner of the website along with either the total number of items or a visual listing. You can also click on the shopping cart icon and be taken to the dedicated shopping cart listing. Here are two important basics of a good shopping cart:

Quick view

Finding the shopping cart should be easy. A link title shopping cart is not enough. The first thing is that the shopping cart should have an icon that looks like a cart of bag so users can easily pick it out. When the mouse hovers over the icon or the word shopping cart, the quick view should appear. This can be a basic description of the items in the, like the total number of items or a nicer visual representation of what is in the cart.

Page design

This is the page that the user sees first when they click the checkout button. The dedicated page for the shopping cart loads and shows a list of items, quantities, sub total and total. There will also be tax and coupon code sections. Some improvements to this typical design would be real time cost and total changes when the quantities are changed or items removed.


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Developing a mobile app and delivering it to the store is a complicated process. If you have experience in Android app development, the process of developing the app may not be an issue. However, when it comes to submitting it to the store, you may face some complications. There are many things that you need to take care of to get your app accepted on Google Play store. If based in Los Angeles, it’s nice to get someone who does app development in Los Angeles to guide you through the aspects you need to consider for the Android app to be approved.


The first step is to get a developer’s account for distributing Android apps in the marketplace. Without this you cannot begin the process.

With the developers’ account, you can submit an Android app to the store. Before submitting, ensure that extensive app testing has been carried out on different devices with different screen sizes and processor architecture. There are many mobile app developers Los Angeles to help you in testing your mobile app.

With the app ready and functioning properly, get to understand the publishing process and be familiar with it. You need to prepare an Android app for release using the standard process common to all apps. Next, understand Google Play Policies and Agreements as these are the most common reason apps fail to get approved on Google Play store.

Other things to consider are the app’s content rating, country of distribution, app’s overall size, and promotional graphics, screenshots, and videos.
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