The highly publicized trial between Samsung and Apple draws to a close, where both companies have accused the other of infringing on its technology.

While Apple wants $2.5 billion from Samsung for replicating the look and feel of its products such as the iPhone and the iPad as well as its software features, Samsung wants $519 million from Apple for infringement on five of its patents on Apple’s portable devices mentioned above including the iPod.

Both sides went through the last few hours of the allotted 25 hours for clarifications and rebuttals and will now on to the next stage which involves closing arguments from both sides in order to sway the jury of nine in their favor.

Depending on which side the jury rules in favor of, the payouts would amount to millions if not billions apart from sales bans on products and software features that are deemed as infringements.

As of the last day of evidence, Apple had four hours to Samsung’s 46 minutes and the former spent time attacking the credibility of Samsung’s wireless patents while the latter weren’t granted extensions to fight back.

However, the tension that existed during the previous three weeks was not there as laughter prevailed during the testimony which was conducted at a quick pace.

With 100 pages of instructions that the jury and the two sides that have to agree on, it sure looks like that the option to settle out of court might not be ruled out completely, considering the risks involved in losing the lawsuit.

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