You’re standing in line after a long flight, and all you really want to do is check into your hotel room and relax for a minute to collect your thoughts. But you know that at the end of that line is a clerk who will try to upsell you on a host of goodies that all sound great. Ditch the gut instinct to say no immediately. There may be a good reason to say yes to a few of these upgrades.

GPS Unit: Yes

There are too many reasons why you should say yes to a GPS upgrade. A car rental in Cayman Island doesn’t come with a map. Even the best prepared itinerary is going to have some down times, and it won’t account for traffic. Plus, a GPS unit will give you advanced warning of conditions on the ground. Locals are already familiar with the pacing, so it will benefit everyone if you are prepared for lane changes and able to transition safely.

A GPS unit is a small upgrade that won’t cost much. Using a phone while driving is illegal in Grand Cayman, and GPS units also come pre-programmed with points of interest you’re not likely to stumble upon in traditional means.

Body and Style Upgrades: Maybe

This upgrade would let you choose the kind of style you want your car to come in. Usually, people opt for the basic economy class, but there are various reasons to upgrade when you rent a car in Grand Cayman. For one, you’re on vacation! Step outside your comfort zone and drive the kind of car you’ve always wanted to drive.

Those with larger families may want to upgrade to an SUV for the extra space. The same goes for smaller families with lots of luggage. Grand Cayman tends to attract a lot of extended visitors, so many people who stay for long periods prefer a car that is closer to what they drive at home.

Insurance: Maybe

Credit cards do offer car insurance, but the question is whether they will cover whatever specific accident may befall you. Some companies also may not offer insurance in a particular region or part of the world. In these situations, it’s helpful to take on the extra charges for the peace of mind. You probably won’t be involved in an accident. That doesn’t mean that you should forego planning for one.
Andys Rent-A-Car offers visitors a Cayman Islands car for hire at airports and locations around Grand Cayman. Andy’s Rent-A-Car offers GPS upgrades and quality car rentals.

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Modular data center systems are portable methods of distributing data center facilities and capacity. This form of data center is an alternative to traditional data centers and has the advantage of being transportable. These data centers consist of modules that are specifically engineered and components to be able to offer data center capacity in a small space with power and cooling functions. These modules can also be shipped around the world to customers to be integrated or retrofitted to their existing data center.

Modular data centers can be of two types. The first type is often referred to as a containerized data center or a portable data center where servers, networking equipment and storage are fitted into standard shipping containers. This is then transported to the desired location. Certain containerized data centers usually contain their own cooling systems. The second form of modular data center is made up of prefabricated components in which equipment are fitted in. This form of data center can be quickly built on site and capacity can be added to it when needed. Some of these data centers of built out of sheet metal elements that are formed into data center halls that are linked by a main operating building.

Apart from modular data centers, you could also buy shipping containers to be used as offices or office storage space. Certain companies propose several used or new ISO Containers and storage containers that can be shipped to several locations. These type of offices are easy to set up and energy efficient.

If you are looking to buy shipping containers, Port Containers specializes in the sales and rental or new or used containers for different storage purposes.

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Is your business in the market to purchase a shipping container? If you rely on shipping of any kind for your business needs, that makes a lot of sense. In fact, if you ship products around the world and you aren’t using containers, you’re hurting your bottom line every time you fulfill an order. This is far from wise.

However, a lot of companies in your shoes would love to have sea containers to aid their profits, but the problem is that they can’t afford it. However, more accurately, they probably just think they can’t afford it. The truth is that there are a number of ways to move a storage container into your business model and pay it off ASAP.

Start by looking for a used shipping container for sale. Shipping containers are fortified with steel, meaning you have nothing to worry about when buying a used one. So that’s step one. Next what you need to do is look for other companies who can’t afford them. Then rent your storage container to them when you’re not using it or let them pay for space that you’re otherwise not using it.


Are you in the market for portable storage containers that will work in order to augment your company’s need to get products sent out all over the world? If so, you should really consider looking to get your needs met by shopping at Port Containers USA, where they have all the resources you need to make the right decision.

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When you realize the options available, it’s hard to believe that many companies these days still use planes and other antiquated methods to transport their products. While there’s something to be said for sticking with what works, it’s also true that companies need to find ways to save money now more than ever.

Thanks why intermodal containers make so much sense. They’re the perfect way to move product just about anywhere in the world and save money at the same time. These containers are built out of heavy duty steel and thus won’t compromise in even the worst of conditions. For this reason, there are always sea containers for sale because they can easily navigate waterways on the back of barges and fend off the damage caused by saltwater.

The ability to travel on both land and water without ever needing your products unloaded is just one of the reasons they are such a perfect method for today’s world.

Plus, given their affordability, most companies can purchase one without an issue. They can rent them as well. A third option is to buy one and then rent out any extra space to other companies that need transportation savings as well.


If your business relies on transportation, you should consider what it would be like to buy a shipping container. For years now, they have been an unrivaled solution as far as transportation goes. Head on over to Port Containers to learn more about this promising method.

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No matter how successful your business is, if it relies on transporting products as part of its business plan, that’s a big chunk of overhead you need to think about. Wouldn’t it be nice if there’s something you could to take that amount down a bit? If you’re not using shipping containers, then there’s absolutely something to be done that could reduce your overhead ASAP.

For some companies, it makes a lot of sense to buy shipping containers. Do the math and, if you can afford it, this makes a lot of sense. These containers can last for decades without issue. Plus, if you have extra space, rent it out to other companies and your new purchase can actually bring in equity for your business.

For those companies that wouldn’t be able to afford it, consider container rental. This is a great way to save money, yet get superior transportation that can go from road to water without issue. However, remember that renting your space out is an option. The more space you have left over, the more room you have to rent. This could be a way of paying off the purchase you’d otherwise be unable to afford.


There are countless reasons it makes sense to look for shipping containers, but you may be surprised by how many options there are in terms of the containers themselves and the companies selling them. That’s why so many people out there trust Port Containers to make sure they get exactly what they need.