Electronic Arts will create 300 new helpline jobs at their 400-strong customer service center at Galway, Republic of Ireland.

In speaking of EA’s decision to ramp up jobs in Galway and the potential that the gaming industry is showing, Enda Kenny expressed, “This decision is a real endorsement of Ireland’s ability to meet the needs of leading multinational companies in the digital media space.”

This statement comes as a result of not only EA’s decision to add 400 jobs but also Amazon’s decision to add 100 jobs at its development centre in Dublin. But that’s not all – almost 4000 jobs related to technology have already added in the first half of the year, according to a body that represents Irish technology firms.

EA’s CEO, Peter Moore, said that this decision was due to the attractive local talent who studied at ‘progressive universities’ that are known for their quality education in the form of computer science and digital arts degrees.

Moreover, the Irish government has also been instrumental in helping the company make this decision as it wants to attract more jobs and games firms into the country.

This development comes at a time when the gaming industry is moving away from the sales of boxed games to customers buying games online, thus highlighting the need for trained customer service personnel.

Electronic Arts, known for its Star Wars and FIFA soccer games, made a record $ 1.3 billion in revenue from January to July this year – almost one-third of the total revenue generated so far.

Paypal, a recognized online payment service, has announced that from October 9 this year, Argentine users will not be able to make any domestic transactions but can continue to make international transactions.

In expressing their apologies for the inconvenience that this might cause, a statement sent to the BBC by Paypal, announced, “Argentina is a very important market to us as we expand our global footprint, and we are currently very focused on providing Argentine merchants and consumers the best possible service. Paypal customers in Argentina are still able to utilise Paypal for international transactions with 190 markets around the world.”

With the Argentine government announcing a restriction on the number of dollars being purchased, this has increased currency sales in the black market. However, the rates provided by Paypal are much better and this is why users are creating two accounts under different email addresses, and transferring money between them so as to exchange the local currency pesos against dollars.

Put simply, the dollar costs 6.3 pesos on the black market while the same can be obtained for about 4.7 pesos.

These measures taken by the government is to combat money laundering and tax evasion but also ensure that the economy is less dependent on the dollar. This stems from a prevailing lack of confidence on the local currency which is not as stable other currencies – a large reason why people are protecting their savings from instability by investing it into far more stable currencies.

An economist told BBC that these economic restrictions, quite literally, includes every economic activity and has been extending to imports and foreign travel.

The highly publicized trial between Samsung and Apple draws to a close, where both companies have accused the other of infringing on its technology.

While Apple wants $2.5 billion from Samsung for replicating the look and feel of its products such as the iPhone and the iPad as well as its software features, Samsung wants $519 million from Apple for infringement on five of its patents on Apple’s portable devices mentioned above including the iPod.

Both sides went through the last few hours of the allotted 25 hours for clarifications and rebuttals and will now on to the next stage which involves closing arguments from both sides in order to sway the jury of nine in their favor.

Depending on which side the jury rules in favor of, the payouts would amount to millions if not billions apart from sales bans on products and software features that are deemed as infringements.

As of the last day of evidence, Apple had four hours to Samsung’s 46 minutes and the former spent time attacking the credibility of Samsung’s wireless patents while the latter weren’t granted extensions to fight back.

However, the tension that existed during the previous three weeks was not there as laughter prevailed during the testimony which was conducted at a quick pace.

With 100 pages of instructions that the jury and the two sides that have to agree on, it sure looks like that the option to settle out of court might not be ruled out completely, considering the risks involved in losing the lawsuit.

Despite the fact that Apple managed to sell 28 percent more iPhones last quarter, the response by Apple investors to the recent earnings report has been anything but positive. Experts attribute this to rumors that are causing consumers to wait for the next iPhone to be released in the fall instead.

Timothy Cook, Apple’s chief executive, addressed these rumors by saying, “I’m glad people want the next thing. I’m not going to put any energy into trying to get people to stop speculating.”

With stock shares falling by 5 percent in after-hours trading, and by 2 percent in regular trading, analysts consider this to be a rare occasion but agree that the real issue is with the iPhone as a new version is almost always released every fall.

Apple executives, on the other hand, explained that the reason why it was only able to sell 26 million iPhones was because of the economic condition of countries such as Australia, Brazil and in the European continent.

Yet they also concur with the “chatter” about a new iPhone which is due to be released soon, and which is why analysts also consider the iPhone evolving into a business where they have two huge quarters of sales followed by low ones, thanks to consumers waiting for a new model.

And even though the iPad has begun to relieve the iPhone of the pressure to perform literally every other quarter, there’s no doubt that it remains the mainstay of the company accounting for almost 60 percent of its profits.