Microsoft has been dealt a telling blow by China once more. The reason this time around is because of the company’s decision to stop support for Windows XP.

In fact, this time around the Central Government Procurement Center has banned the use of Windows 8 on government computers as well citing the need to use energy-saving products as well as ensure computer security.

It must be pointed out that almost 50% of China’s desktop market now is powered by the operating system that is almost a decade old.

This latest setback has hurt Windows all that more since it has been struggling to stay afloat in such a massive market where even though the number of sales matches that of the United States, it still earned much less revenue – being only able to equal its earning made from a much smaller market such as the Netherlands.

Of course, the company has been warning others that it’s time to move on to the latest version of Windows but this has only made them far more stubborn to comply. After all, it makes no sense to fix something that isn’t broken.

It’s clear that Microsoft find itself in a tough spot at the moment since it doesn’t seem to be able to market its latest operating system effectively.

Moreover since, Windows XP continues to power a number of systems that are in need of important security patches, it should come as no surprise why China has turned its back on Windows until it complies.

Internet sweepstakes cafes have a choice when it comes to how their games are deployed. They can either have a client-server model that requires the Internet sweepstakes software to be physically installed on each gaming terminal along with having a server and Point of Sale system on-site. This is the traditional model that most businesses use to run their Internet cafe games.

However, many sweepstakes companies have found that a web-based sweepstakes model offers them several advantages over the client-server model. Companies such as SweepsCoach have helped Internet sweepstake cafes become more profitable and reduce the backend support needed to run their business by choose a web-based sweepstakes model.

With a web-based model, everything other than the physical terminals needed to play games is done through cloud-based computing. This means that the server isn’t based on-site but is housed in a secure location dedicated to server maintenance. The game machines and POS systems all access information from the servers remotely.

One major advantage of the web-based server model is that you can greatly reduce your upfront cost for opening an Internet sweepstakes cafe. Instead of having to pay thousands of dollars to purchase and install an on-site server, you can rent server space on a monthly basis for a fraction of the cost. This also comes with maintenance and service in case there is a problem.

Along with convenience and affordability, moving to a web-based model gives sweepstakes cafe owners the ability to expand their business by catering to players at home. If there are no terminals at the cafe, you can let players go home or another location to play your games, or they can even play when your business is closed.

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The sweepstakes internet café industry is growing, which is why so many business owners are investing in this relatively new type of business. What’s a sweepstakes internet café? It’s a place very similar to an internet café, expect instead of checking email or printing documents, customers get to play sweepstakes games on the computer. A sweepstakes cafe comes with its own games and internet sweepstakes software. It also comes with its own kiosks, where customers can purchase computer time. It’s a great business idea and many entrepreneurs are jumping aboard.

However, with every business venture comes the question of cost. How much does it cost to open a sweepstakes café business? Is it similar to the price it would cost to open an internet cafe? You might also be wondering how much it would cost to upgrade your internet café into a sweepstakes café business. Would it be worth the investment? Or is a sweepstakes café just another trend that will burn out in a few years? These are all very important questions, especially if you’re the one responsible for coming up with the money.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to come up with a definite answer. The cost of opening a sweepstakes parlor depends on various factors. It’s possible to open a parlor for a few thousand dollars. It’s also possible to spend several hundred thousand dollars. It all depends on the number of terminals you need to purchase, the location, the amount of your rent, the amount of construction you will need, and several other factors.

The best way to find out how much it will cost to open your own sweepstakes café is to contact a consulting firm that specializes in sweepstakes parlors.

Business owners can benefit from integrating sweepstakes into their internet cafe franchise marketing plan. People love the chance to win something. McDonald’s sweepstakes, such as the Monopoly game, encouraged their potential customers to buy more food for the greater chance to win something. And when the prizes are smaller and easy to win, such as scratch cards, customers feel more inclined to participate.

Sweepstakes at internet café locations offer web-based software and machines. The immediate results offered by these particular games allow customers to feel instant gratification for playing. People like to win prizes because it makes them feel good about themselves. Games range in difficulty and can be single-player or multi-player to add friends to the fun. Having more friends required to play can encourage word-of-mouth for your business.

Internet cafe sweepstakes are a way for businesses to make a lot of residual money. Internet kiosks are the cheapest ways to integrate sweepstakes games. Games can emulate poker, blackjack and a variety of other appealing games. There are endless ways sweepstakes can help your business.

Sweepstakes rules and methods should be straightforward and honest. Some sweepstakes companies are trustworthy and some are not. Some border on illegal activities so it’s good to use a company that is up front with you. Laws and regulations for sweepstakes depend on which state you are operating in, and it’s a good idea to review these laws yourself before trusting any salesmen to tell you what they are for you.

There are a number of reasons why a company or business may decide to conduct remote desktop monitoring sessions on their computer system and terminals. It may be to track user productivity, evaluate terminal server performance or to determine how much bandwidth is being used. Terminal server monitoring determines and then generates a remote desktop  report that computer administrators can refer to at any time. These reports help them pinpoint where computer system issues may be occurring and it tells them which steps they should take to address those issues.

By using remote monitoring to track user productivity, employers can refer to the generated reports to determine where company employees are spending their computer time. The reports will notify system administrators of details such as when employees log in to the system, how much bandwidth they are using, which types of operations they performed while logged in to the system and how much time was devoted to each task. One of the main reasons a company experiences a reduction in productivity is because employees are not performing their assigned tasks during working hours. Being aware of what their employees are up to on company time can make employers aware of situations where a termination of employment may be in order.

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