Today’s large-scaled locomotive run at a minimum of 3,000 horses.

modern-locomotiveWhen it comes to diesel locomotive engines, you can surely expect one thing – turbocharged. Today’s locomotive engines are mostly equipped with a turbocharged, diesel engine that essentially doubles the power of a standard V-8 engine. Not only does this mean horsepower in the range of 3,000 and up, but it’s also pumping from 12 cylinders.

The Skinny on Diesel Engines

This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the amount of weight that locomotives need to haul on a daily basis. Furthermore, the engine turbine starting process requires a steady and complex engine to ensure that it can handle the amount that it’s pulling as well.

Now, the aforementioned may be known by many but are you aware that most trains operate on a two-stroke cycle as opposed to a four-stroke cycle? Most of the smaller diesel engines will utilize a four-stroke diesel cycle, as they don’t require a huge load to haul. However, the larger engines will find that they can produce twice as many combustion events per revolution, which in turn will produce more power.

Diesel engines are massive. There’s no doubt about that. They’re massive to the point that it takes over 20 V-8 car engines to match the amount of horsepower that a standard two-stroke engine is capable of. The reason behind this design is that most trains require a continuous amount of horsepower. And, with the design, the engine can pump out 3,200 horses without any significant drops. Think of it this way, if you ran your car on that power, it probably wouldn’t last more than a couple days.

The Generator System

The engine itself is also attached to a hefty generator system. At peak power, this generator can power a neighborhood of over 1,000 houses without breaking a sweat. That’s some serious wattage that’s going on within a system. This power system goes into four electric motors that are located in the trucks. The power is circulate throughout the train, providing adequate surges to vital components that require it. Now, if a train requires an additional amount to help the startup sequence, one could find a railroad locomotive starter assisting the primary train. These portable power devices may look lacking in size, but what they lack in dimensions, they make up in the amount of power they can contribute. These units continue to play a pivotal role in the locomotive industry.

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You’re standing in line after a long flight, and all you really want to do is check into your hotel room and relax for a minute to collect your thoughts. But you know that at the end of that line is a clerk who will try to upsell you on a host of goodies that all sound great. Ditch the gut instinct to say no immediately. There may be a good reason to say yes to a few of these upgrades.

GPS Unit: Yes

There are too many reasons why you should say yes to a GPS upgrade. A car rental in Cayman Island doesn’t come with a map. Even the best prepared itinerary is going to have some down times, and it won’t account for traffic. Plus, a GPS unit will give you advanced warning of conditions on the ground. Locals are already familiar with the pacing, so it will benefit everyone if you are prepared for lane changes and able to transition safely.

A GPS unit is a small upgrade that won’t cost much. Using a phone while driving is illegal in Grand Cayman, and GPS units also come pre-programmed with points of interest you’re not likely to stumble upon in traditional means.

Body and Style Upgrades: Maybe

This upgrade would let you choose the kind of style you want your car to come in. Usually, people opt for the basic economy class, but there are various reasons to upgrade when you rent a car in Grand Cayman. For one, you’re on vacation! Step outside your comfort zone and drive the kind of car you’ve always wanted to drive.

Those with larger families may want to upgrade to an SUV for the extra space. The same goes for smaller families with lots of luggage. Grand Cayman tends to attract a lot of extended visitors, so many people who stay for long periods prefer a car that is closer to what they drive at home.

Insurance: Maybe

Credit cards do offer car insurance, but the question is whether they will cover whatever specific accident may befall you. Some companies also may not offer insurance in a particular region or part of the world. In these situations, it’s helpful to take on the extra charges for the peace of mind. You probably won’t be involved in an accident. That doesn’t mean that you should forego planning for one.
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