Top-Mistakes-that-Startup-Businesses-MakeWhen people talk about startup businesses, you mostly hear about their successes and the large amounts of money that they are pooling together from sales. Do you know how they got there? They planned ahead and didn’t make mistakes such as catering to a small market or not having a proper business plan. If you are planning a startup business, be sure not to make these mistakes that can put a hold or even completely halt your entire plan.

Overanalyzing your Product

One of the primary goals of business is to generate revenue. Too many times entrepreneurs will lose their focus on selling their product and tinker with it too much, losing money in the process. You’ll run out of money and energy before it even hits the market.

Overfunding Advertisements

Advertising your product is a key factor in public exposure. Words tend to spread like a wildfire at times. This doesn’t mean you should spend over $1000 on an ad campaign that will net you $50 from one lead that is paying a non-committal monthly contract. Balancing your ad revenue with your capital is important so you don’t lose all of your assets. Test the market and see how you can generate revenue that exceeds the amount that you spend on marketing.

Choose a market with promise and stability. Even if you’re the smaller player in the in the field, it’s better to create that foundation where you can grow from the bottom up.

Bio: Ferhan Patel is the CCO of Payza, a global payment processing platform that experience an exponential growth in their membership base making them an easy option for small business owners.


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