Article by Web Design Express.

Internet Speeds
Internet speed is important to a lot of people. As technology helps to speed up the Internet, developers push the limits of the technology so that the user experience is maximized. Regardless of how fast the Internet gets, it will still not satisfy everyone.

Increasing Speeds
While not everyone can be content with web speeds, you can make an effort to pacify as many people as possible by speeding up your website. There are a few really easy ways you can do this. In this article I will show you how a CDN (Content Delivery Network) and Amazon’s S3 (Simple Storage Solution) can help make your site load significantly faster.

A Storage Solution
Let’s look at Amazon S3. On the surface, S3 seems to be nothing more than a hosting server. And that’s really all it is. But it is a really efficient and speedy hosting server. Fast enough, in fact, that Amazon runs its extremely high traffic site from it. So there is one way to speed your site up.

A Content Delivery Network
Another way you can speed up your site is by using a CDN, “So what is a CDN?” you may ask. A CDN, or Content Delivery Network, is a worldwide network of server that store a websites files in cache, so they can be accessed repeatedly in any region of the world without having to transfer from the origin server. This decreases the amount of traffic that goes through your server, which will improve its own performance, add additional performance and save you money.

Using Both Services Together
The great thing about using these two services is they can be used at the same time. Using A CDN with S3 will offer improvements in latency and load times, which will make the visitors of your site much happier.