Electronic Arts will create 300 new helpline jobs at their 400-strong customer service center at Galway, Republic of Ireland.

In speaking of EA’s decision to ramp up jobs in Galway and the potential that the gaming industry is showing, Enda Kenny expressed, “This decision is a real endorsement of Ireland’s ability to meet the needs of leading multinational companies in the digital media space.”

This statement comes as a result of not only EA’s decision to add 400 jobs but also Amazon’s decision to add 100 jobs at its development centre in Dublin. But that’s not all – almost 4000 jobs related to technology have already added in the first half of the year, according to a body that represents Irish technology firms.

EA’s CEO, Peter Moore, said that this decision was due to the attractive local talent who studied at ‘progressive universities’ that are known for their quality education in the form of computer science and digital arts degrees.

Moreover, the Irish government has also been instrumental in helping the company make this decision as it wants to attract more jobs and games firms into the country.

This development comes at a time when the gaming industry is moving away from the sales of boxed games to customers buying games online, thus highlighting the need for trained customer service personnel.

Electronic Arts, known for its Star Wars and FIFA soccer games, made a record $ 1.3 billion in revenue from January to July this year – almost one-third of the total revenue generated so far.