2017 is the third consecutive year that LG reports that its top of the line phone is not selling well. This year LG places the blame on “weaker than expected premium smartphone sales and increase in component costs.” Last year, the G5 was to blame for a “weak quarter” and in 2015 the G4 sales “fell short of expectations.” All attempts by LG to break into the premium smartphone market are failing.

As a company, LG is doing okay and does not rely on smartphone sales. The company has three divisions: Home Entertainment, Home Appliances, and Automotive components that are all doing well. In fact, LG has never made a profit on its smartphones and still hasn’t given up.

LG saw Samsung as its primary competitor and built the G6 to beat the S8 to the market. It was the decision to use the year-old Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, that was the downfall of the G6. By going for an older processor, LG thought it has a three week lead over the S8, however, by the time the phone was available in the US, Samsung was accepting pre-orders for the S8.

Most reviews say that the S8 is just a better-built version of the G6. By trying to beat the S8 to market, LG sacrificed using the latest processor, ending up with a phone that cost as much as the S8 but was a generation behind in CPU.

Summary: IT consultants can make or break your business.

One of the first things that you need to consider when hiring an IT consultant is what their employment status will be. Lay out the fundamentals of what you’re hiring him for. This is crucial when it comes to any legal issues that may arise.

It’s also important for companies to correctly determine whether the IT consultant is an employee or an independent contractor and follow through with the appropriate Social Security and Medicare contributions.


If you’re going the route of using an IT staffing service as opposed to the independent contractor, they can help determine who’s right for your company. Be sure that you consider three different categories such as: behavioral, financial, and type of relationship. These all tie in together when it comes down to how your consultant will work in your company.

Protect Yourself In the Case of an Issue

It’s also key to protect your intellectual property. If a consultant holds your social media account hostage because of contractual issues, you’re probably going to have some difficulties when it comes to getting back what you need to run your business smoothly. This is why it’s so important that your company receives the IT consultant’s services address IP up front. Never forget to do this.

Prioritize the Interview Process

It consultants are often tied to core businesses. Be sure that you conduct a thorough interview like you would a regular employee. You want to be sure that the consultant can do what he claims he can along with other factors that play a role in determining whether he’s a good fit or not.

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Summary: Manufacturing has never been easier thanks to the resurgence of new pieces of equipment.

In today’s manufacturing environment, a new wave of technologies are storming through to create a computer-driven setting – sharing little resemblance with its dark floors of the past. For large-scaled companies, this means a wide variety of tools to create smarter factories and also allow them to create new and innovative products that weren’t available before. And, thanks to the low costs of materials, small companies can also get in on the piece of the pie too.

The revolution, so to speak, is being accelerated thanks to the newest trends such as low cost and accessibility, cloud computing, decreased costs of electronic sensors, and other components that can make machines much more productive – don’t forget advances in software and communications technology.

Low Cost, High Reward

With a new wave of cheap components, facilities can now implement high-tech inventions that will need little human help to perform a task and also collect a huge amount of data as well. For instance, managers will get alerts about potential issues or can study numbers to find a way to increase the overall efficiency of the company. Additionally, with an immense amount of technological advances hitting the industry, new fabrication methods can now be performed that steer away from the production-line model.

Additive Manufacturing

One of the most efficient designs is known as additive manufacturing, which is the process of creating a three-dimensional object of any shape with only the use of a digital model. Now, these machines can utilize a variety of different materials to create things such as fuel nozzles, sneakers, a portable power pack, and most surprisingly, human organs. With a versatile piece of equipment, the machines can be custom-designed to fabricate a limitless array of objects. Additive manufacturing also enables the creation of materials with numerous parts and components without assembly. This process is performed entirely by computers that follow specific instructions. The incremental cost of producing each part correlates directly to time and materials.

Now, this doesn’t go without saying that there wont be challenges up ahead. For one, additive manufacturing works from digital models, which increases the vulnerability of a company to theft. However, with such a large step forward, it’s safe to say that the manufacturing industry is on its way up. Start Pac, a seasoned portable power manufacturer, is one of the major companies working with such advanced technological devices.

Unlike the Microsoft launch of the Xbox One X, Sony did not have a lot of excitement to offer at its E3 keynote. There were, however, some surprises and interesting announcements. Here are top four bits of news coming out of the presentation:

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

The latest in the Uncharted franchise, The Lost Legacy, is the first game in the series without main star Nathan Drake. However, his replacements will be familiar to anyone who has played the game, with Uncharted 2 treasure hunter Chloe Frazer and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End mercenary Nadine Ross taking his place.

Days Gone

Days Gone is an open-world zombie game. Sony showed a seven minute trailer of the game, which allows for some interesting use of the mindless horde of zombies in addition to some stealth techniques. The game looks good but there is still no release date for the title.

Shadow of Colossus

The original Shadow of Colossus was a cult hit on the PlayStation 2. The games popularity led to a remake of the game in 2011. This time around a proper HD remake of the game will be available for the PS4 sometime in 2018.

God of War

The new God of War game introduces Kratos’ son Atreus to the franchise in a game now set in Norse mythology. Once again there was no release date, with a reference to early-2018 as a possible window for release. The demo video showed the typical hack-and-slash mechanics of the series and some gory finishing moves.

Written by: Omar Amanat

Summary: Smartphone models come out on an annual basis. Before you wait hours in line, consider the alternate options that are available to you.

Since the original launch of the smartphone over a decade ago, it’s become an essential part of daily life. Whether you’re a child, teen, a tech-savvy college student, or even a senior citizen, you’re probably reading this article on a smartphone right now.

However, when the time comes, you’ll want to upgrade your current phone to the newest, shiniest, largest phone there is on the market. After all, technology is nothing short of exciting. If you’re planning on making this an annual investment, here are some tips that will help you save the max amount of money.

Trade-In Programs

Many carriers are now offering trade-in programs that allow you to obtain a significant discount on the newest smartphone out there by swapping out your old one. If you already have an old smartphone wasting away in your cabinet drawer, don’t just toss it in the trash, trade it in! On a side note, if you do go decide to rid of your old phone, recycle it – it’s full of toxins that you don’t want rotting in a landfill.

Back on topic, many of these programs are available in-store at major retailers. Just receive a quote, trade it in, and pay the difference for the new model. It’s rather simple, but be sure to compare around beforehand.

Consider Buying Refurbished Smartphones

Refurbished phones aren’t just pre-owned models that are error-prone, they’re a major discount for individuals that are looking to get a deep discount on the latest phone. Refurbished models are sent to the manufacturer where the memory and data is wiped and the components are checked, repaired, and cleaned. In most cases, refurbished phones are difficult to differentiate from it’s brand-new counterpart and are often old hundreds of dollars less than the fresh out of the box model. It’s worth considering and it could potentially last you another year until yet another smartphone model comes out on the market.