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Online, first impressions matter as much as they do in the real world. In fact, it might matter even more. According to a recent study, visitors make judgments about the credibility of a website in as little as 50ms. 20% of those visitors will leave your website, and never return. We can avoid a negative judgment by staying current with modern web design trends.

Web design is more than the look of the website. In the recent past, designers have gone overboard with images, color, and clutter. Modern web design is as much about functionality as it is about pleasing visuals. Every element of the website should exist for a purpose.

Show credibility and competency by displaying numbers and stats on screen. A company with 60 clients will appear more credible than one that does not highlight that fact. Even if the numbers do not mean anything, be specific and precise.

Another trend is to base the website on existing frameworks and themes. Popular frameworks and themes have development direction based on user feedback. The continuous iteration of existing themes and frameworks lead to the fast adoption of new standards and features.

A popular trend is the use of flat colors and elements across a website while showing some form of depth. The rise in popularity of the flat color scheme is thanks to Google’s introduction of Material Design in 2014. It is about going back to basics and placing the focus on function over form.

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1When it comes to the standard data center and server room practices, data backup is one of the most important. Everyone involved is used to the standard backup processes, offsite backup and archival storage. However, what happens to all of that once all your data and systems are on the cloud, do you continue to backup? The answer is Yes. The only thing that changes is usually the destination.

When it comes to cloud backup when you have all your servers in a la colocation environment, the main component to get is adequate storage for backup. This is usually cloud storage, sometimes it could even be in a different state or country for the sake of redundancy. The more copies you have of your data, and in the more locations you have it the safe it will be. Just remember that geo redundant storage can be costly for large amounts of data.

In addition, los angeles colocation can also give you an in-house backup solution. Usually if you do not want to bother with the hassle of that level of granularity for your backups, you can outsource the whole thing. The vendor will backup your data and provide redundancy and off-site storage for a monthly cost. This is also an option if you want everything backed up and not just specific elements of various systems.

Regardless of how you do it, it is critical that there is a backup plan that is executed according to the policies of your organization.

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There are several options when it comes to server hosting los angeles. Dedicated servers, virtual private servers, colocation and cloud servers. Colocation is when a server owned by the customer is hosted at a third party data center. There are several pros and cons to colocation which we will look at below.


The primary benefit of la colocation is the backend infrastructure that comes with a proper third party data center. The first layer is the on rack power and switching redundancy which will be very costly in house. This allows failures at several levels without any interruptions to services. Secondly there is the amount and cost of bandwidth available. As data centers purchase both in bulk there is plenty for any additional requirements. Massive spikes in traffic from viral sharing can be handled easily as long as the server is capable. Another advantage is round the clock tech support and monitoring.


Putting your own server also means that anything that is directly related to the server is your own responsibility. First there is the hardware. Any hardware failure and warranty will need to be serviced directly unless purchased from the data center. In addition any hardware upgrades to the server will result in both downtime (in order to install the upgrades) and additional capital costs unlike dedicated server rentals. Often companies prefer to outright own servers rather than rent but it also means a lack of flexibility from that commitment.


Rack Alley provides premium colocation services perfect for small and enterprise customers at a los angeles data center.

gigatech2AT&T is set to battle Sling TV to sell over the web pay TV. Details are limited at this point but they are expected to provide multiple offerings. These packages will be sold nationwide starting Fall 2016.

“These new video subscription models reflect the flexible content choices, viewing options and simple, transparent pricing that consumers want. AT&T intends to be the first company to deliver that flexibility, along with an effortless customer experience,” said John Stankey, CEO – AT&T Entertainment Group.”

The good news is that the service will not be limited to AT&T subscribers. Anyone will be able to sign up online without a contract. With regards to the packages, AT&T says it will have three tiers. The full featured offering will be called “DirecTV Now” and will be just like traditional TV. The mid tier service will have a mobile first user experience, which implies less TV than the full package. There is also third, free tier, which will have an assortment of limited video to choose from.

So far there is no information on what content will be available. Based on the statement below, it appears that negotiations are ongoing:

Tony Goncalves, AT&T’s SVP of strategy for its entertainment group, says the company does have deals with some programmers. “We do have some deals in place. We’re not being specific about which ones, There’s no question we have work to do there.”

AT&T is a welcome entrant into a market. Apple and Google have both struggled to sign licensing deals with the network. AT&T might just pave the way for great competition.

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It’s not easy being a small business owner. Perhaps it never has been. Some would argue that the Internet has made things infinitely easier, it’s also fairly easy to make the other argument. Owning a business these days means you also need to own a website. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the technical acumen to fully understand all this entails.

RackAlley2For one thing, you’ll always need a Los Angeles web hosting company to help. These companies essentially rent you the computers you need to host your website. All this means is that the computer is in charge of devoting memory toward keeping your site up and running.

While this traditional options works for a lot of small business owners in your shoes, why not about a Los Angeles colocation company? All this means is that you’ll create your own server setup and then hand it over to a facility that will give it physical space.

By doing things this way, you’re only paying for the services your company will actually use, creating a much leaner bill. Furthermore, you can always pay for the facility’s IT people to help out when necessary so that you don’t have to worry about the technical aspects of your small business falling by the wayside because of colocation.


If your company is looking for alternatives to traditional hosting services, you should look into what LA web hosting entails. For best results, talk to the folks at Rack Alley to see how they can meet your needs.