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There are several options when it comes to server hosting los angeles. Dedicated servers, virtual private servers, colocation and cloud servers. Colocation is when a server owned by the customer is hosted at a third party data center. There are several pros and cons to colocation which we will look at below.


The primary benefit of la colocation is the backend infrastructure that comes with a proper third party data center. The first layer is the on rack power and switching redundancy which will be very costly in house. This allows failures at several levels without any interruptions to services. Secondly there is the amount and cost of bandwidth available. As data centers purchase both in bulk there is plenty for any additional requirements. Massive spikes in traffic from viral sharing can be handled easily as long as the server is capable. Another advantage is round the clock tech support and monitoring.


Putting your own server also means that anything that is directly related to the server is your own responsibility. First there is the hardware. Any hardware failure and warranty will need to be serviced directly unless purchased from the data center. In addition any hardware upgrades to the server will result in both downtime (in order to install the upgrades) and additional capital costs unlike dedicated server rentals. Often companies prefer to outright own servers rather than rent but it also means a lack of flexibility from that commitment.


Rack Alley provides premium colocation services perfect for small and enterprise customers at a los angeles data center.

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