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1When it comes to the standard data center and server room practices, data backup is one of the most important. Everyone involved is used to the standard backup processes, offsite backup and archival storage. However, what happens to all of that once all your data and systems are on the cloud, do you continue to backup? The answer is Yes. The only thing that changes is usually the destination.

When it comes to cloud backup when you have all your servers in a la colocation environment, the main component to get is adequate storage for backup. This is usually cloud storage, sometimes it could even be in a different state or country for the sake of redundancy. The more copies you have of your data, and in the more locations you have it the safe it will be. Just remember that geo redundant storage can be costly for large amounts of data.

In addition, los angeles colocation can also give you an in-house backup solution. Usually if you do not want to bother with the hassle of that level of granularity for your backups, you can outsource the whole thing. The vendor will backup your data and provide redundancy and off-site storage for a monthly cost. This is also an option if you want everything backed up and not just specific elements of various systems.

Regardless of how you do it, it is critical that there is a backup plan that is executed according to the policies of your organization.

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