Engage: BDR, a full-service display ad network in West Hollywood, California is changing the way advertisers target specific audiences. As one of its many services designed specifically for advertisers, engage: BDR offers AudB, its very own pre-targeting technology and methodology used to locate target audiences in real time.

So how does AudB help advertisers reach their target audience? First, the platform makes use of tons of data, including demographic, geographic, and financial information. This means AudB can target groups that can be represented by a list of IP addresses, street addresses, or geographic areas. According to the company website, this valuable information is then “extrapolated by matching a computer user’s IP address with U.S. Census data.” This unique methodology makes it possible for advertisers to deliver customizable messages in a new and effective way never done before.

What makes AudB so impressive is that the data is accurate. How? Unlike less granular information, such as zip codes, AudB uses granular data to create relevant ads. According to engage: BDR, the company can accurately match demographics, such as age groups and number of dependents, better than the leading technology or methodology on the market today. Using a patented IP targeting methodology with GIS overlays, AudB can match an IP address to a physical address and target qualities such as annual income, language, monthly rent, and vehicle count.

Advertisers who wish to take advantage of engage: BDR’s AudB services will have access to the company’s premium inventory, which includes top-tier sites, 75 distinct niches, and more than 200 brand name sites. According to the company, 100 percent of its inventory comes from premium publishers; and more than 80 percent is comprised of early impression placements.

About engage: Launched in 2007, BDR: engage: BDR is an integrated-media advertising company led by co-founder Ted Dhanik. As CEO and President of engage: BDR, Dhanik is responsible for strategic marketing, sales and business development, client relationship management, and content acquisition. To learn more about engage: BDR or Ted Dhanik, please select the following links: