gigatech1With Google IO just a few months away, the rumor mill has started on the changes in the upcoming N edition of Android. As the opening keynote of Google IO draws nearer we will start to see more images and larger leaks. Till then we will have to live with second hand accounts of those who have seen and try to recreate the current builds available internally. Here are a few of the rumors making the rounds:

App Drawer

This rumor has gotten the most publicity so far due to the potential similarity to Apples iOS. Android has always had a launcher which was widget capable. This was always a differentiator to iOS and it would be a big departure for Android. It also makes sense. The average user does not use widgets nor do they do any customization of their homescreens. If Google was to go ahead with the change in the final build, it will be a decision backup up by Googles internal data. For users who prefer the current setup, there are plenty of third party launchers available.

Notification Drawer

The next big change is to the notification shade. Android Police has seen this first hand and have posted mockups of the layout. It comes across as an improvement over the existing lollipop design both in form and in function. Here is the Android Police Description:

“The first thing you’ll notice is the notifications are full-width, and the separation between items is less distinct. Each item in the list also includes a line with the app that produced the notification. That information is available in the current notification UI, but you have to long-press to see it. Notifications also appear to be able to display some limited color text elements. App icons are smaller and less obvious as well.”

These are just two leaks that have come out. Based on these rumors it will not be surprising to see some larger changes. Android has been losing the higher end of the market to Apple for sometime now and will be looking to polish the OS to regain lost ground.

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