According to the latest report, Apple now has $137.1 Billion in cash – 12.9 percent more than the last reported figures, amounting to $121.3 billion.

However, without comparisons, it’s hard to ascertain how big the company really is, and for that, out earning HP is a very good start. In fact, HP’s annual revenues amounted to $120.4 billion. Better still, Apple has more cash in comparison to Vietnam’s GDP which stands at about $123.6 billion.

Even though its competitor, Samsung Electronics, will generate approximately $180 billion for 2012, Apple still has the edge over Samsung, in terms of more cash.

The reality of the situation is that Apple will continue to be the revenue-generating machine that it has turned out to, and by the time it slows down, it will have large amounts of cash in hand. As a matter of fact, Apple is beginning to show weakness as its growth seems to be slowing down as Samsung is quickly turning into the fifth horseman of technology.

Thanks to a market capitalization of $480 billion, Apple’s shares have been trading very high despite facing volatility yet with so much cash in its coffers, it won’t be difficult for the company to diversify into other markets.

An amount of its profits will definitely be given away as dividends to its investors so as encourage greater commitment yet as for the aspect of big spending, it remains to be seen whether a new course of action will be taken by the company in 2013.

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