British beer company, Brew Dog, has come out with a new alcoholic beverage called #MashTag, whose style, name and alcohol count has been determined by social media users themselves.

In explaining how the company got users involved in the process of creating this beer, a spokesperson for Brew Dog, Sarah Warman said, “Over the course of a week, we gave our Twitter followers, Facebook fans and blog readers the opportunity to vote to an element of the brew. This gave us an incredible platform to explain the different stages of brewing and show how your choice at that stage influences the final beer you end up with, be it determining the alcohol level, bitterness or style.”

Not only were fans asked to design the label for the beer but they also were also involved in voting for what the beer was to be made of. #Mashtag comprises 7.5% American Brown Ale which is made with New Zealand hops while being aged with oak chips and hazelnuts.

Interestingly, the name #Mashtag was created from the hashtag that was used to generate votes but the ‘h’ was switched with the ‘m’ to refer to the first stage of brewing, known as ‘mash’.

While it was clear that there was enthusiastic participation in this project, this isn’t the first time that Twitter has played an integral role in creating a new beer. #TwitterBrew, which was created by Amendment Brewery and BlackBird beer, were the first to involve social media users in regard to the flavor.

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