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Technology has played a massive role in enabling the automation of tasks that might have taken hours. A calculator, for example, brings considerable amount of time savings if one had to calculate a long list of figures. There are other such devices that people have come to take for granted since they have become an integral part of daily lives.

The Microwave

Microwaves operate on an electromagnetic spectrum, this kind of wave can be found between the infrared radiation and radio waves. The most prominent type of wave frequency is estimated at about 2.45 gigahertz. These types of waves are easily absorbed by sugar, water and fat. This is why they are able to heat down food when they react with the fatty, sugar or water components.


The GPS system enables people to save precious times during travels and holidays by not having to constantly check a map or trying to remember which route to take in order to reach the desired destination. This system has allowed people to explore new regions as they know exactly which route to take to return to their initial location.

Employee Time Clocks

Timeclocks allow for the easy compiling of employee attendance and have helped the workplace evolve. These systems are especially suited for large organizations where tracking attendance, time offs and overtimes might be a tedious task. Some systems also offer online tracking

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