With the year of 2012 drawing to a close, Facebook has posted the “Year in Review on 2012” for its viewers to take a walk down memory lane looking at past events, videos, songs, movies and locations that they liked. In addition, Facebook also reviewed the top trends in terms of popular public figures, top events and most listened to songs among others, compiled at FacebookStories.com/2012.


It should come as no surprise that the Presidential Elections, Barack Obama, the internet meme Tbh to be honest), The Hunger Games and the Avengers were indeed the most important people, memes and events of the year. When it comes to technology, Instagram was on top while the most listened-to song was ‘We are Young (feat Janella Monae) by Fun. If you haven’t viewed your own year in review, then you can go to Facebook.com/yearinreview in order to do so to see the top 20 moments of your year. It’s good to know that you might not know how Facebook comes up with these moments though.
Of course, if you want others to know what your top 20 moments were, you can Share it with your friends and family, by using the Share button.

When asked why this feature was enabled for users, Facebook revealed that it wanted to give people an interactive experience to look back at 2012 – a reminder of times forgotten in the past year which could create a sense of nostalgia. Prior to Facebook’s release, Twitter also did a personalized ‘Year in Review’ or its users.

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