Facebook will roll out a new optional feature called ‘Replies’ on March 25 which will allow page owners to write personalized responses to comment made by page visitors especially if there are a number of them.

In announcing this update, a spokesman from Facebook said, “We think that this update will allow for easier management of conversations around posts, which is a better experience for people interacting with Pages and public figure profiles.”

Another feature known as active thread-sifting will also be rolled out which will use an algorithm to order the most active posts at the top.

However, this option won’t be available to all page owners and profiles but only to those who have more than 10000 followers. Personal accounts will not enjoy the option of using this feature either.

This ‘Reply’ feature, while being new to Facebook users, isn’t for those who use third-party sites much like TechCrunch since Facebook’s commenting plug-in has already enabled this benefit for its users.

Why both these features are said to improve the quality of interaction is because it not only gives a chance for page owner to directly interact with certain comments but also informs visitors of the most active conversations at the top.

With that said, there’s more to the second feature than is evident as each person who views the conversation thread will find the most active conversations to be based on his or her connections. Facebook assumes (correctly!) that you’d probably want to join the conversation since you know the individual.

As mentioned earlier, by March 25, page owners will be given a chance to opt-in but these features will become mandatory by July 10 this year.

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