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There have been a lot of public hacks in the recent past. In those, some of have been for usernames and passwords of users, others have actually involved credit card information. Those users were informed and have taken steps to reissue cards and passwords and accounts. The bad news is that these are only from the attacks that we know of. The problem is that people tend to use one username and password combination across all the sites they use. If a customer’s credit card or account details were compromised elsewhere, and a hacker tries to use that information on your site, that can lead to a lot problems. There are some easy changes that can be done to minimize the possibility of this happening:

Two factor authentication

When a login attempt to the site comes from a new browser or computer, the user is sent a code to his or her mobile device to confirm the identity.

Strong passwords

A lot of sites do not insist on a certain strength when it comes their password policy. Prompt users to enter extremely strong passwords which most likely be different from other sites. This way a compromised account from another site is unlikely to work.

Confirmation emails

Thanks to the shopping cart ecommerce has taken off. This has resulted in a lot of online transactions. One way to stand out is to send confirmation emails for every transaction or change to the user’s account.


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