According to the latest batch of documents released by Snowden, which was seen by the NRC, a daily evening newspaper, the NSA has 50000 sleeper agents waiting to be activated at the push of a button.

While these sleeper agents can be best described as lethal and can deliver a critical blow when activated, these aren’t people but computers that are infected with malware that don’t have a problem with conscience.

Apart from this, the NSA also infected 50000 networks to gain access to information that it isn’t allowed access to. However, this revelation comes as no surprise since the Washington Post had revealed that almost 20000 computers were already infected by 2008.

The “Computer Networks Exploitation” program or as it is known continues to be active around the world, especially in countries such as Brazil and Venezuela where the malware can be monitored and controlled at the switch of a button.

Best part: the malware will not be detectable in the countries mentioned above for a number of years to come.

Another report from the New York Times has also revealed that the NSA is doing all it can to increase its surveillance powers considering how online communication and digital technology is rapidly spreading across the world.

Yet what comes as a surprise is the method that the NSA is using in order to gain this information and that is by false email requests or phishing scams which is used by those who wish to spread malicious software. It’s definitely one more reason to avoid clicking on any email that is sent by anyone you don’t know.

The NSA declined to comment on the report published by the NRC.

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