Members of the social lottery website can now manage past and current lottery tickets via an online account manager.

There are many reasons lottery players love Lotto Gopher. Instead of driving to the store and waiting in line, consumers can now order Powerball online as well as other California lottery tickets. For this reason alone, the company has garnered attention from the media and consumers alike who are fascinated by this legal and convenient way to order lottery tickets.

But this relatively new company has other services that are also gaining popularity, especially services that are reserved for members only. One of its most unique member’s only services is an online account manager through which consumers can track and monitor past and current lottery tickets. If you’ve ever wanted to create a thorough spreadsheet that features all of your lottery tickets in one place, the online account manager might be what you’re looking for.

What is the purpose of an online account manager for your lottery tickets? It’s a convenient way to see all of your numbers and winning in one place, such as the Mega Millions online lottery tickets you ordered through Lotto Gopher. This online database makes it easy for you to select the same lucky numbers or choose to select new variations of past numbers. The online account manager also features all of your groups, so you can easily access and manage lottery public or private lottery pools. Finally, it’s a great way to simply track your lottery tickets so that you never lose one again.

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