Digital production studios are a dime a dozen. Which is why we were so excited when engage: BDR launched one because we knew it would be a cut above the rest. Engage: BDR is a leading integrated-media advertising company located in West Hollywood, CA that offers everything from a full-service ad agency to a real-time bidding display platform. But what we are most excited about is the firm’s cutting-edge digital production studio called Entegrate!, a studio with the ability to help advertisers reach a global audience with custom online programming.

When it comes to developing original online programming, Entegrate! has you covered. The production studio has the tools and resources to not only create unique online programming, but also distribute it across the engage: BDR display network. This means that your online programming can be featured on premium sites. The team at Entegrate! accomplish this goal through multiple partnerships with major production companies, including Dick Clark Productions, Schizo Pictures, Jamie Kennedy Entertainment, Energy Entertainment, and XIX Entertainment.

If you want to know its reach, here are the figures: Entegrate can deliver custom programming to nearly 109 million consumers. This broad reach does wonders for your business, pushing engagements and enhancing brand awareness.

If you’re interested about content, Entegrate produces the best. The talented team behind the company creates and produces unique video programming combining cutting-edge entertainment and marketing solutions that reel in users.

About engage: BDR: Launched by co-founders Ted Dhanik and Kurtis Rintala, engage: BDR has been making headlines in the online media industry since its inception in 2007. A full service ad network, engage: BDR is well known for providing advanced marketing solutions and cutting-edge products, including the industry’s first RTB self-serve display platform developed for direct response advertisers.

To learn more about engage: BDR, Entegrate, or Ted Dhanik, please visit the following sites:

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