Even though critics are of the opinion that teens are moving away from Facebook in favor of apps such as SnapChat, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg claims that according to company this isn’t true.

Speaking on today’s earnings call, he said, “we believe that we have close to fully penetrated the US teen demographic for a while”. Apart from this, he also mentioned that teens have remained engaged with Facebook throughout the year.

Of course, there’s the caveat that some teenagers lie about their age when joining Facebook where 10 to 11 year olds can claim to be 15 and those who say their age is 21 might actually be teenagers. Regardless of which, it was estimated that almost users spent 20 billion minutes per day on Facebook which amounts to 17.39 minutes per day per user or 8.3 hours per user per month.

But what has been surprising is the fact that people are addicted to Facebook and come back each day. almost 70 percent of Canadian and American users do so, and this trend is also showing with other users across the globe.

And even though people predicted that mobile would prove to be Facebook’s undoing, thanks to being a web service and having to compete with Twitter, SnapChat and Path for users’ time, Facebook has put those doubts to rest because users are spending more time on Facebook and Instagram.

But that’s not all – Facebook has managed to generate 41% of its revenue from mobile advertising this quarter while its stock prices rose to $31.05 as investors now understand what Facebook is about.

Put simply, almost 1.15 billion people consider Facebook to be the place where they get their daily gossip and news, catch up with their friends and family, and last but not the least, express themselves.

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