With Apple planning to use synthetic sapphire in their next generation models that are said to cost more, the reason for a hike in prices is because of something else.

Experts think that this is hardly likely as the reason for an increase in price would be because of larger screens in upcoming models.

In other words, the new model will be a 5.5” iPhone might be a little more expensive but this will not affect the price for a current model that is 4.7” in screen size. That said, even Apple much-touted smartwatch will not be pricier than competing models that are currently in the market.

All this seems more possible than ever even though most people did not consider it to be so. A number of Apple watchers but certain analysts like Eric Virey have expressed their doubts that Gorilla Glass will be replaced by sapphire as the main materials for their screens.

In fact, the latter has gone on to say that the costs involved in using sapphire screens will be 5 times more than what it currently is right now – $16 vs $3.

Yet it does look like Apple has found a way to curtail costs by partnering with a company called GT Advanced to begin making an ample amount of these materials. The company, in turn, has come up with a wafering process called ‘Hyperion’ that will reduce their costs substantially.

In fact, this process will cut costs to such an extent that it might be drop below the costs involved with using Gorilla Glass for smartphones.

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