Apple has been going from strength to strength in the U.S market for sometime now, thanks to them gaining more and more subscribers each month.

According to a report compiled by comScore, during the quarter between November 2012 and February 2013, Apple gained almost 8.9 million iPhone subscribers as opposed to Android which added only 2.9 million subscribers.

In short: Apple continues to enjoy a significant lead as a smartphone manufacturer by virtue of enjoying almost double the smartphone manufacturer share of its closest competitor. As for Apple’s share among OEMs, its value rose by 3.9 percentage points while Samsung gained 1 percentage point.

Interestingly, what the report also revealed was that the biggest loser in terms of subscribers was BlackBerry almost 1.7 million subscribers of them between the months of November and February – which both Apple and Samsung probably benefited from.

Of course, these numbers were put together before the launch of BB10, so it’s only a matter of time until which the data will reflect how many of these subscribers actually stopped using BlackBerry.

Of course, with a few device launches imminent in the coming months, the figures, which are in favor of Apple, could swing the other way. Some of these launches include Samsung’s Galaxy S4 which is due in a few weeks and Android’s HTC One coming to the US market by mid-April – both of which can give Android a boost as it competes with iOS and the iPhone.

However, the reason for Apple’s strong performance is clearly because of the iPhone 5’s acceptance amongst US subscribers.

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