Guest post provided by Denton Vacuum, LLC. Denton Vacuum manufactures sputtering systems for vacuum coating methods. Visit for more information.

Technology provided by Denton Vacuum can be applied to a surprisingly numerous and eclectic number of industries. Denton Vacuum has worked with enterprises from every end of the spectrum, offering thin coating solutions to a number of problems. Start-ups, universities, government agencies and even Fortune 500 companies have all benefited from the quality sputtering systems that Denton offers. Consider if your business is a part of any of the following industries Denton has served. See if your business can take advantage of our customized specialty processes and systems.

Denton’s coating and precision technology produces high quality results for optics, semiconductors, imaging, film batteries, medical implants, wear coatings and displays. For example, the PVD coating method, also known as Physical Vapor Deposition, is a process that involves physical high temperature vacuum evaporation. An electron beam, resistive or ion beam bombards the target object though a sputtering machine bombardment instead of a chemical reaction. The practical application for this method varies in appliance to anything from semiconductors, to aluminized PET film for balloons and snack bags to metalworking cutting tools.

PVD coatings are an excellent choice for anything that needs to withstand high abrasion, impact, oxidation and extreme temperatures. Aerospace technology can benefit from this technology, as high winds and debris can chip away outer layers. Maintenance and repair to these outer layers with thin film evaporation coatings is minimal and cost effective. Emerging technologies are a favorite and exciting field for us. Industries involved in communications, computing, health and culture can take advantage of Denton’s knowledge and experience to future their goals and aspirations.

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