In a recent study by Piper Jaffray, 33 percent of 5200 teenagers said that Facebook is still the most important social network to them, with Twitter and Instagram coming in second and third place.

Yet there’s a downside: a lot of teenagers are actually losing interest in Facebook and don’t see it as the most important social network even they still say it is so.

Over the last year, the number of teenagers who consider Facebook to be the most important social media network has dropped from being well over 30 percent to just over 20 percent. But it’s not just Facebook but impacts every other social media network available to teens.

Analysts believe that YouTube will take over Facebook’s #1 position soon, while currently having 22 percent of the vote. The reason for this is that despite also experiencing a decline in popularity amongst teenagers – it’s at a slower pace compared to other social media networks.

What the study also revealed was the social media tools that teenagers feel were excluded from the list – some of them being Vine, Wanelo, SnapChat, Kik, 4Chan and others. The mention of these tools come as no surprise as Vine is already the #1 app at the iTunes Store while teens are responsible for sending almost 20 million snaps a day using SnapChat.

So, with the rise in interest in social media apps, it can be said that the release of Facebook Home might be timely so as to bring up those numbers back up.

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