When it comes to high vacuums, it doesn’t get more flexible than the Explorer by Denton Vacuum, LLC. Why is the Explorer such a popular high vacuum? Here’s a look at the Explorer and why so many companies rely on this system for valuable research, development, and production.

The Explorer is a high-vacuum development and production system designed for thermal evaporation, e-beam evaporation, sputtering, and even PECVD. It can be used by companies in various industries, including solar, optics, semiconductor, emerging technologies, medical, and the aerospace industries.

When it comes to performance, this flexible thermal evaporation system can be used for various applications. Some of the applications include optical film characterization and design, CIGS and advanced materials research, advanced electron microscope sample preparation, indium bumping for focal plane array fabrication, and quality assurance. It can also be used for semiconductor device development and failure analysis.

In addition to being used in various industries and for a broad range of applications, Explorer is an extremely popular high vacuum because of its advanced features and capabilities, many of which have been mentioned above, such as thermal and e-beam evaporation. But it also features sputter deposition, load lock options, and PECVD process options.

The powerful control system features a variety of upgrade offers, including consistent controls, standard software, source code for customizing your programs, and a variety of network capabilities. The flexible chamber sizes can accommodate substrates up to 10’. Finally, if you purchase from Denton Vacuum, you can rest assured that your system will be tailored to your precise thin film coating process need.

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