Facebook is not only coming down hard on pages which try to trick their way onto your News Feed but those that post low-quality memes as well.

By announcing a change to the feed algorithm for Pages, the intention behind this new development is to promote pages that offer trustworthy, relevant, timely and shareable content.

What this could result in is an increase in traffic to reputed Pages while also keeping spammers under control in the process as well.

Earlier this month, Facebook announced that it would start publicizing the changes to the News Feed but not quietly, since it believed that these changes could affect its users and businesses in a big way.

First, it was content by friends and now, it is Pages. The first will help users to keep in touch with the latest updates from their friends. However, the second set of changes met with a lot of angst as businesses are dependent on content in the News Feed while page admins are unhappy about having to pay in order to reach fans.

What has stirred more controversy is the fact that Facebook is being strict with pages that offer spammy content. The reason for all this uproar is that Facebook hasn’t been upfront with pages since they have to pay in order to have their content displayed in the News Feed.

With that said, the only thing that most high-quality Page owners must keep in mind is to post compelling, attractive content but most of all, to avoid asking for Likes as is the case with a number of low-quality Pages now.

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