A little company called Little Eye Labs, based in Bangalore, and which analyzes the performance of Android apps will be acquired by Facebook with a deal ranging between $10-15 million.

It’s isn’t surprising that this acquisition came about considering how Facebook has been lagging behind when it comes to its focus on mobiles, and with almost 874 million of its users now accessing Facebook through these devices.

Of course, Facebook has been on the lookout for startups such as Little Eye Labs and before which, it had already acquired Parse in April this year, which is a mobile-backend-as-a-service startup.

This comes as good news not only to Little Eye Labs but also to a number of Indian startups for whom, progress in the form of acquisitions have been difficult to come by.

In fact, Little Eye Labs had already pitched to Twitter but then agreed to a deal with Facebook since the offer was much better.

According to certain sources, the team that formed this startup will move to Facebook’s headquarters in the United States and will continue to work as part of the company’s mobile engineering team.

The startup first gained visibility in Seedcamp, London where it was refining its product along with 20 other companies. What was notable was the way the tool created by this startup fixed a bug in Google I/Q app, and was the reason why Gaurav Lochan, who worked with Flipkart earlier, moved on to work with Little Eye Labs.

All the startup’s founders worked at IBM together, starting Little Eye Labs in August 2012.

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