Internet sweepstakes cafes have a choice when it comes to how their games are deployed. They can either have a client-server model that requires the Internet sweepstakes software to be physically installed on each gaming terminal along with having a server and Point of Sale system on-site. This is the traditional model that most businesses use to run their Internet cafe games.

However, many sweepstakes companies have found that a web-based sweepstakes model offers them several advantages over the client-server model. Companies such as SweepsCoach have helped Internet sweepstake cafes become more profitable and reduce the backend support needed to run their business by choose a web-based sweepstakes model.

With a web-based model, everything other than the physical terminals needed to play games is done through cloud-based computing. This means that the server isn’t based on-site but is housed in a secure location dedicated to server maintenance. The game machines and POS systems all access information from the servers remotely.

One major advantage of the web-based server model is that you can greatly reduce your upfront cost for opening an Internet sweepstakes cafe. Instead of having to pay thousands of dollars to purchase and install an on-site server, you can rent server space on a monthly basis for a fraction of the cost. This also comes with maintenance and service in case there is a problem.

Along with convenience and affordability, moving to a web-based model gives sweepstakes cafe owners the ability to expand their business by catering to players at home. If there are no terminals at the cafe, you can let players go home or another location to play your games, or they can even play when your business is closed.

Written by SweepsCoach. Visit their website to read more about the benefits of Internet sweepstakes software and the advantages of running your own Internet game cafe.

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