Developing a mobile app and delivering it to the store is a complicated process. If you have experience in Android app development, the process of developing the app may not be an issue. However, when it comes to submitting it to the store, you may face some complications. There are many things that you need to take care of to get your app accepted on Google Play store. If based in Los Angeles, it’s nice to get someone who does app development in Los Angeles to guide you through the aspects you need to consider for the Android app to be approved.


The first step is to get a developer’s account for distributing Android apps in the marketplace. Without this you cannot begin the process.

With the developers’ account, you can submit an Android app to the store. Before submitting, ensure that extensive app testing has been carried out on different devices with different screen sizes and processor architecture. There are many mobile app developers Los Angeles to help you in testing your mobile app.

With the app ready and functioning properly, get to understand the publishing process and be familiar with it. You need to prepare an Android app for release using the standard process common to all apps. Next, understand Google Play Policies and Agreements as these are the most common reason apps fail to get approved on Google Play store.

Other things to consider are the app’s content rating, country of distribution, app’s overall size, and promotional graphics, screenshots, and videos.
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