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At the center of every ecommerce website, is an internet shopping cart. Without a shopping cart ecommerce and online retail would not exist today. A place where the collection of items the user has marked to purchase are set aside. It is usually found at the top corner of the website along with either the total number of items or a visual listing. You can also click on the shopping cart icon and be taken to the dedicated shopping cart listing. Here are two important basics of a good shopping cart:

Quick view

Finding the shopping cart should be easy. A link title shopping cart is not enough. The first thing is that the shopping cart should have an icon that looks like a cart of bag so users can easily pick it out. When the mouse hovers over the icon or the word shopping cart, the quick view should appear. This can be a basic description of the items in the, like the total number of items or a nicer visual representation of what is in the cart.

Page design

This is the page that the user sees first when they click the checkout button. The dedicated page for the shopping cart loads and shows a list of items, quantities, sub total and total. There will also be tax and coupon code sections. Some improvements to this typical design would be real time cost and total changes when the quantities are changed or items removed.


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