Google’s Q3 2013 earnings report is just out, and from the looks of it, the numbers are better than expected.

In its report, the company stated that it had earned about $14.89 billion in consolidated revenue, $2.97 billion in net income along with non-GAAP earnings of $10.74 per share.

Analysts at Yahoo Finance were close when they expected the company to report about $14.8 billion in revenue as well as an share earnings of $10.35.

Seeing these numbers, investors are reacting positively, where Google’s share price was at 1 percent but moved up to 6 percent in after-hours trading. What is also being watched is Google’s ad business, and in particular, the company’s cost per click, which has experienced a 3.5 percent lift during the last quarter.

Yet the report suggests that CPC has dropped another 8 percent this quarter compared to 4 percent from the year-ago quarter and 6 percent during the previous quarter. Speaking of advertisements though, Google has said it will endorsements and photos from Google+ so as to boost the credibility of some of its ads.

However, Google’s Enhanced Campaigns, which gives users the ability to create an ad campaign across a number of devices, should help the company solidify its position in mobile. As for paid clicks, Google’s figures went up by 26 percent year-over-year as well as above 8 percent over the previous quarter.

The company has also had some success with its hardware division with the Moto X and the Chromecast dongle enjoying favorable reviews in the last quarter.

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