Picture an individual browsing the web. Perhaps it’s a research project on Henry David Thoreau.  And so this individual examines photographs, critical commentary, and the like. Throughout the journey of visiting different sites on the web, banners appear at the top of most of the sites. Some of these banners may talk about book stores. Other may advertise trips to Walden Woods. And some could possibly be sharing information for college courses in literature.

Every one of these banners is the basic example of banner advertising. And while this may look like nothing more than a simple advertisement, the truth is that these banners can and do so much more. If one were to examine the placement of these banners much more closely, they may realize a few things, such as the banners are typically placed in pages that possess relatable material. One probably would never see an advertisement for maternity clothes on a website for beer lovers. What most people don’t realize is that this happens due to browsers scanning sites for specific words or phrases. And when it finds a site that fits the criteria, it embeds the banner onto the site so a business can reach its intended customers. For those using banner ads to get their message across, this can be extremely advantageous in the sense that it may get a banner to places that businesses never would have considered approaching.

While there are many variations of banner ads, the basic model is the starting point. And even a simple banner can be enough to bring new customers to a business. The computer age has brought about new techniques for advertisers and their clients. And as time goes on, it’s being discovered that new approaches, such as banner ads, are producing better and better results.

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