LinkedIn, which has been in the business of news, new jobs and where people network for business deals is now set to diversify into social media management with its new app, Elevate.

This app, which is a paid desktop and mobile app which will suggest articles to its users, by using its Pulse and Newsle algorithms and human curation, allows them to share it across Twitter and LinkedIn.

For starters, it’s a paid pilot and much like Facebook At Work, everyone can download the iOS and Android app. Of course, only those signed up for Elevate can use it going forward.

As for general availability, that should happen by the third quarter of this year and which is when LinkedIn will also offer pricing. Prior to this, LinkedIn has also run a pilot of this program with a number of large companies such as Quintiles, Adobe and Unilever.

But if one must understand LinkedIn, it’s really a lighter version of Hootsuite that gives users the ability to schedule and share content across social media networks. It also reminds one of the Daily app from Buffer which uses its technology to share and schedule when to post those links.What is also clear is that the release of this app is to compete against other apps such as Salesforce. Some people are of the opinion that it is all three.

That said, Elevate is not only for social media junkies but for more serious social media and a number of marketing professionals as well.

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