Brand exposure is one thing, but blending it within a popular show is a whole new type of marketing tactic.  

Microsoft has long been focused on providing a unique user experience. Back in 2007, they created a buzz in the entertainment industry by enhancing their Windows Live options and displayed them in a real-life setting.

One of their strategies was to immerse their services on national television – which at that time hasn’t been done by Microsoft. Through a partnership with Fox Sports Net’s Best Damn Sports Show Period, they were able to reach out to their target audience by showcasing their products on that show. If you think about it, it was a win-win situation marketing-wise.

On-Air Display

“The emersion weaves Windows Live naturally into BDSSP’s set and on-air dialogue,” says Steve Doctrow, Executive Vice President of Marketing for Rogers & Cowan, “We actually used elements of Windows Live to make for very compelling TV.”

This effort pushed their brand as well as the usefulness of Windows Live. According to Steve Doctrow, this display really “showed off the brand” and people ended up using Windows Live services the entire week, after seeing it on the popular sports show.

Microsoft Looks To Close The Gap

This is just one example of how Windows is pushing the limits on exposing their brands to the world. By targeting an age group and gender through popular shows, like BDSSP, and showcasing their products in a user-friendly and “cool” way, people start to jump on board their services and take a look for themselves. This tactic creates a following and further develops their brand name.

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