When it comes to protecting medical data, power is everything. Without power even for a second, your computer will lose its memory, erasing all the patient information and medical data you did not save to the hard disk. However, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can save precious medical data in the event of a power outage at the hospital.

According to the manufacturer, Tripp Lite medical ups are designed to provide clean, dependable power to hospital networks. This means the system will maintain information while eliminating sudden power outages. Tripp Lite also offers an AC isolation transformer, designed to filer noise and surge suppression, perfect for sensitive equipment. The transformer comes with hospital-grade plug receptacles.

Although a UPS system is designed to take over the power once the main power fails, what if you’re not at your computer station? If your computer is unattended and the power goes out, you need special software to take over while you’re gone. Luckily, Tripp Lite medical ups are designed with PowerAlert software, or smart software that waits for a customized time period before shutting down.

If you’re searching for Tripp Lite medical ups or a Topaz power conditioner, check out Power-Up Tech. This award-winning company offers a complete line of power protection products, including UPS systems for the healthcare industry.

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