A lot of companies have fleets of vehicles, and for that reason fleet management is very important. Here are some tips for managing your fleet of vehicles.

  • Look at different fuel vehicles to find out if they could benefit the fleet – Usually fuel costs are going to account for 12-20% of all the operating costs of the fleet. Changing to a cleaner fuel could contribute to international and national efforts to reduce the climate change but improve the environmental reputation of the organization.
  • Make sure that your vehicles are serviced regularly – Vehicles that are poorly maintained have toxic emissions that are higher – Keeping the fleet serviced properly is really important in fleet management, due to the costs which are involved. A van or car that is well maintained is going to generally use a lesser amount of fuel.
  • Analyse and record business travel to reduce mileage – Making trips that are unnecessary is going to cost more than simply gas, it’s going to add to the tire wear, maintenance, and depreciation of the car.
  • Record as well as analyze the individual consumption of fuel so that you encourage driving that is fuel efficient – Abuse of fuel may be a really significant temptation for some of the employees since most of the driving will take place off the base.  It’s a good idea to put in place procedures and policies to manage the use of private vehicles.


Managing a fleet means more than just installing vehicle tracking GPS. It means making sure the vehicles are in good shape. To learn more about promiles and other things, visit gpstrackit.com.

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