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Modular data center systems are portable methods of distributing data center facilities and capacity. This form of data center is an alternative to traditional data centers and has the advantage of being transportable. These data centers consist of modules that are specifically engineered and components to be able to offer data center capacity in a small space with power and cooling functions. These modules can also be shipped around the world to customers to be integrated or retrofitted to their existing data center.

Modular data centers can be of two types. The first type is often referred to as a containerized data center or a portable data center where servers, networking equipment and storage are fitted into standard shipping containers. This is then transported to the desired location. Certain containerized data centers usually contain their own cooling systems. The second form of modular data center is made up of prefabricated components in which equipment are fitted in. This form of data center can be quickly built on site and capacity can be added to it when needed. Some of these data centers of built out of sheet metal elements that are formed into data center halls that are linked by a main operating building.

Apart from modular data centers, you could also buy shipping containers to be used as offices or office storage space. Certain companies propose several used or new ISO Containers and storage containers that can be shipped to several locations. These type of offices are easy to set up and energy efficient.

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