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Are you looking for a car rental services for your vacation? Driving in foreign country may look daunting but if you prefer self-guided tours, then renting a car is your best option. Most car rental companies can help by providing not just quality and reliable vehicles, but also all the technology you need to make driving excursions comfortable and worry-free.

Choose the right type of car you’ll need for the day or week during your vacation. If you’re expecting more of beach excursions, a jeep or SUV is a perfect choice for outdoor adventures. However if you’re driving solo and would like something that fits in your budget, a compact or mid-size car will be enough for light driving. When renting a car, here are some of things that you should inspect first before signing a contract.


For beach destinations like Cayman Islands, it will be hot most of the day and there will be times that you’ll just want to stay inside with a working AC. Rental cars Cayman Islands companies like Andy’s Rent-A-Car have vehicles that have powerful AC systems and automatic driving for all the comfort you need on your travels. Test the engine and how the AC responds before you drive away.

GPS devices

If you prefer self-driving, it’s best to get a GPS unit with your car rental. This may cost you additional fees but with this one simple gadget, you can save time and effort from getting lost in a foreign country.

Cell Phone Rental

Some Car rentals Grand Cayman agencies also rent cell phones for their clients. This will ensure that you’ll have constant communication with them in case you run into any problems. Not only that you can use this for personal calls on your vacation, it also helps a lot especially when you’ve lost GPS signal, or when you need to ask for restaurant recommendations from your hotel.

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