Launching Windows 10 is probably one of the most daring software projects yet undertaken by Microsoft. This is because not do they have to bring enterprise computing into the New Millenium but they also have the flaws that have been exposed in Windows 8.x.

With the previews of Windows 10 released recently, that is not all you will get to see, since it is only a raiser of sorts of what is to come.

To sum it up, Windows 10 keeps a lot of the traditional stuff that its users are familiar with but also contains a mixed set of user interface elements too.

For example, and when running this preview version of Windows 10, the tiles that we see in Windows 8.x was next to icons that were taken older versions apart from others that were refreshed from its earlier versions.

In other words, Windows 10 is really a mix of the new, updated old and the old. Yet this odd combination also seems to work according to a number of experts who have used it when it was released recently.

Among the things that do work, Traditional ALT tabbing and Task View works in tandem while metro and desktop apps sharing the same space is also another aspect that is good on Windows 10.

One aspect that seemed odd in the preview was the options of either opening the Start Menu or the Start screen but no integration of the two available just yet.

That said, the changes made will keep most of its customers content even if they have a lot of changes to make until it actual launch next year but not before a consumer preview in January.

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